December 20, 2013

Pope Francis Calls Some Christians “Pagans” How Long Would These Pagans Take it from Francis?

Is not too often that you find me quoting people of the clergy and on the same article a Roman Catholic Pope. These are the times in which everything is and nothing is. When I read Pope Francis the first calling some so called Christians “pagans” my heart shakes of hope. Those are words I have been calling these people since I left the church but nobody knows that and that’s alright. But to have a pope say that and more is historic beyond belief.

I found it amazing that the pope would say one thing and everybody else from catholics to the clergy would do as they want, “pick and choose” But these pickings were based on a man in Rome that was detach from the realities of his church and the rest of the world. Things in Rome and the world have changed with pope Francis I. This is the first pope from the America’s and a man who saw life and politics as they were long before he became a priest, let alone a pope. He never lost track of what he had learnt from his life and brought to his position now.

As a consequence he is speaking from experience and knowledge and is calling it as he has always seen the world, the poor, the ignored and those who profess to be messengers from god but they make it up as they go and with their preaching which has nothing to do with the god they profess to follow called Jesus Christ. They go on and on about personal feelings and beliefs’ to justified their ugly preaching and the subjects that they feel strongly about; But Jesus Christ never did or even talked about about the dirt they throw from the pulpit. The things Jesus talked about are completely ignored and instead they take pieces from the old testament and the law of the old testament and ignore that Jesus came to replace the law of the old testament. They like to quote Paul who was a self described disciple who never met Jesus. 
Paul who was well spoken about the rules to be followed on the early church due to his dreams and knowledge of the old testament. He would whip the early church with visits and letters which are now called ‘the gospel. He would use a mix of old testament law and his own interpretation of the writings attributed to some of the disciples who wrote about their beloved teacher and “son of god”.


"when you see a Christian who doesn't want to humble himself, who doesn't want to serve, a Christian who struts about everywhere: it's ugly, eh? That is not a Christian: that's a pagan!"  

Pope Francis I has again riled the Christian Right by, in effect, calling most of its leaders "ugly" and "pagan": those who crave the limelight, scream out their proselytizing (ahem, "evangelizing") yet purport to be persecuted (horrendously!) by godless liberals and the media. It was a slap in the face to televangelists, faith-healers, prosperity gospel preachers and righteously arrogant, supposedly "Christian" apologists and pundits. It was his own "War on Christmas" - the Christmas created by corporate/church greed, a Season of Getting as much as one can while Giving very, very little to the people who need help just to survive.  

Some Uglies

Praise Me!! by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan

Ann Coulter   - While not a born-again Christian, nor explicitly proselytizing her jaws off, Coulter has enough righteous arrogance to sink a flotilla of battleships. After a particularly testy interview with Donny Deutsch, she said, "Well, we just want to perfect you!" Deutsch is Jewish. He was not amused.

Saint Rick Is No Angle by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan
Rick Warren   - Hawaiian shirts aside, Warren is as fake as can be, coming up with fantastic schemes (e.g. P.E.A.C.E,) which few can grasp the meaning of, and constantly touting the miracles of social justice his plans and his church (megachurch Saddleback) have worked both here and abroad (esp. in Uganda). The figures, however, are based on few reliable sources and don't really add up. His publicity machine is about the only thing that seems to exist.

Beware of Evil Homosexual Activists - Like Dan Savage! by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan
Tony Perkins   - Perkins has had more appearances on Chris Matthews' "Hardball" than the show wants to admit. As the Savior of the American Family, Perkins has reigned as a sort of Christofascist king, looking like an innocent, aging choir boy. But he is merely a boy crying wolf (against dreaded homosexual activists) and his pronouncements about apostate Republicans terrorize few Republicans any more. His "Values Voter Summit" is popular with any conservative who wants to say "God told me to run."

God gave her the courage to wear outfits like these! by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan

Cindy Jacobs   - If Francis could make a list of the ugliest and most chest-beating Christians, "prophetess" Cindy Jacobs would be most certainly at the top. Among other things, she has (according to herself and her husband) performed more miracles than Jesus Christ, has cured a woman of her hysterectomy, has raised children from the dead (via television) and is an avowed idol-smasher (Native American artifacts and statues of Catholic Saints). She has also told all of America's indigenous people to repent for the sins of their ancestors. She has bragged about how many things God has blessed her with. Unfortunately, fashion sense was not one of them.  

Wrap me up! by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan

"Bishop" Eddie Long   - For sheer humility, have yourself wrapped in the Torah, declared "king" (of something) and have yourself hoisted up, sitting on a throne, while four men decorously parade you around your church. Sheer humility? No, sheer stupidity. Sex scandals just could not keep him out of the limelight.   

Some Plug-Uglies

How many more people have a flag to stomp on? by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan

Bryan Fischer   - Fischer is the American Family Association bloviator who has a hate-love relationship with everyone (he broadcasts his demonizing points, then tells everyone he is really doing it because he loves them). He has, in fact, carried demonizing to an art form (very ugly art, but art nonetheless) and his faux humility is legendary. He has established himself as a one-man hate group against the LGBT community and insists that "Rambo Jesus" existed.

And I am too! by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan

Terry Jones   - When not causing anti-American murder and violence by threatening to burn the Koran, Pastor Jones manages to plummet to the lowest levels of the humility meter by bleating through a bull horn about his Christianity in places like Times Square. He shares the sobriquet of "most hated man in America" with Fred Phelps. Not a small feat.   

Who me? by Google Images w/caption by Rev Dan

Scott Lively   - Of all the uglies, Lively portrays himself as the most innocent and clueless. He has parlayed thunderous criticism of his book, The Pink Swastika into international Christian martyrdom and has portrayed himself as the most knowledgeable person on the planet in regards to the evils of homosexuality. His purposeful undermining of LGBT rights in places like Uganda has landed him in court. The charge: crimes against humanity.   

Dishonorable Mentions

Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, FOX News, Michele Bachmann, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Franklin Graham, Ken Copeland, T.D. Jakes, Linda Harvey, Janet Porter, Rick Joyner, C. Peter Wagner, General Boykin. If your favorite "uglies" are not on the list, just mention them below in comments. 

Pay Attention To ME! Not The Poor!

Perhaps the ugliest of recent "Christians"/pagans passed away last week: Paul Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network, who perched himself on a gold throne-like chair and told those who opposed his empire to go to hell. He spread his wealth only to his family, there being no evidence of any substantial endowments to the less fortunate. He was considered a con man who put himself and his wife Jan first and foremost. The word "humility" was never in his lexicon. It was perhaps his death (and life) that inspired Francis to make his "ugly" point.

Putting yourself before the poor, before your fellow man, humbling yourself to seek out and tend to those in need was the humility Francis was speaking about: focusing on the poor and not yourself.   

And as to this particular Christmas Season, the Huckabees, Coulters, Palins and Warrens know that it is not the Season for Giving but for Getting ... attention.   

The ugly Christians will be getting uglier ... against Francis. Just wait

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Rev. Dan Vojir is has been writing/blogging on religion and politics for the better part of ten years. A former radio talk show host (Strictly Books €” Talk America Radio Network)
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