December 25, 2013

Ending Christmas and going into a New Year in the West

Hope this time of year is a good time for you and yours. At adamfoxie* we are on temporary hiatus to  accomplish family commitments and to take the time to change the yearly look of for your reading and watching enjoyment.  We change the general look while keeping the signs the site is identified by like the gray adult fox (an endangered species) for example. It’s a big enterprise to change the templates and colors but who wants to see the same old thing everyday….I’m talking strictly about material things!

I would like to ask you as you browse older issues of this blog which are only over 100,000 with well over 700,000 views since 2009. My request is, if you find a page which you can not not read don’t assume is your computer. We would like to know. Just leave us a message in the comments section anonymous is fine (no spam) and just give us the tittle. It’s really impossible with the new ultra modern design to go back to see if it loaded fine in all the pages in the past; With Blogger once you make a change on your templates it does not commence from the date you change it but it goes back to the first issue. That’s the way code genius’ work. oik!  We keep our pages perpetual in the blog knowing that what you publish stays on the mega data for our life times and beyond.

Thank you for your support but I will remind you that our commercials are not doing well. This is the only way we could come down and close the doors.  I know this site is always been an endangered species, up by just plain readership. These readership is asks to help when you are shopping on the net to consider the only four companies we have at this time.  You don’t have to get what’s shown on the ad as long as you make the purchase coming in through our site and clicking throughout the commercial.  One of them even donates a percentage to groups advancing gay rights in court. When you use us, you are helping more than you think. You are helping gay or gay friendly companies that have the capacity to support us to be able to track news (not free) and spent the time to work on the site 7 days a week year in and out (not free). I was going to just post on weekends but then there was some increase in readership and some purchases with two out of four companies we work with I gain strength from that. So that bought us some more time. I don’t ask for donations I just ask that when you are spending on something you use our blog to go and shop for it.

Keep shopping and enjoying the season.

With much sincerity and hope for your wellness and peace,

Adam Gonzalez, publisher of Adamfoxie Blog International

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