December 27, 2013

“Contemporary Eric” Demonstrates his Zombie with Emotion Technique, Among Others

If you’ve ever marveled at any contemporary routine on So You Think You Can Dance, this video is a must-watch. “Contemporary Eric” demonstrates the fifteen essential moves that you can piece together to create a riveting and emotional number set to tracks by Adele, Ani DiFranco or your maudlin music of choice. Mia Michaels would be impressed. Honestly, it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The “zombie with emotion,” “the knee,” “pants,” and “just came out of the well” are my favorite movements.
It took me a moment to recognize the instructor, but eventually figured it out. Robert Hoffman who’s known for his hip hop prowess starred in the second Step Up flick and She’s The Man co-starring Amanda Bynes. I also featured him in a Man Crush post last year. Watch Hoffman in his alter ego state, along with his assistant Bich (pronounced bitch), give a hilarious tutorial. After pigging out on Christmas Day, I’m definitely practicing these moves to burn off the massive calories inhaled. Hope you enjoy the parody.


Author: Donovan

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