August 30, 2010

No HIV Testing Taking Place in Venezuela's Public Health Network

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No reagents for testing for antibodies to HIV. The Venezuelan Network of Positive People (RVG +) has informed us that the country no reagents for testing for HIV through the public health. This seriously affects various aspects of the response to the epidemic from the public, including being able to offer the test to pregnant women who come to visit and get an early diagnosis that would prevent vertical transmission (from mother to baby).

Such interruptions in comprehensive care services, access to treatment, although temporary, has a serious impact on the effectiveness of the national response to the epidemic and at the same time implies an involvement of the right to health.

The RVG +, together with other organizations with services in HIV / AIDS, have asked to meet with the latest health ministers, and none has responded to this request even though these groups, given their knowledge of the situation and its proximity to affected people have an important contribution to make to public policy on HIV.

We hope that the Minister Eugenia Sader return to the policy of dialogue that characterized the efforts of ministers like Gilberto Rodriguez Ochoa and do not take the way of his two predecessors.

Feliciano Reyna
El Universal...
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