August 25, 2010

Is the GOP Dropping The Fight Against Gay Rights?

August 25, 2010 by James Hipps 
Dropping the GOP Fight Against Gay Rights?
I ran across a very interesting post on The Frum Forum that talks about how some GOP members, many prominently so, are dropping their anti-gay stances and are actually starting to support equality for the LGBT community.
According to the post:
The list of conservatives supporting gay equality is growing – from the many Republican appointed judges who have ruled in favor of various gay rights cases, to GOP Solicitor General Ted Olson, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and even the ultraconservative former Vice President Dick Cheney. Nowadays Margaret Hoover of Fox News sits on the board of GOProud alongside conservative Grover Norquist; and even Elisabeth Hasselbeck has come out in support of gay marriage rights.
A growing list of conservative writers and activist have endorsed various gay causes as well. Philip Klein at the American Spectator and talking head Mike Gallagher oppose “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and pundit George Will has remarked that with changing attitudes and demographics, “homosexuality will soon be a non-issue in the military”.
Te post concludes by pointing out some of the more obvious reasons for the shift, including an overall shift in public opinion and the fact that opposing gay rights contradicts the GOP’s stance of increasing personal freedoms and liberties by creating a smaller government.
However, one thing they don’t point out, which I feel is noteworthy, is the fact the GOP’s is not comprised of stupid people and they’re very good political strategist.
The way I see it, there’s a very good chance that the Democrats may maintain control of the House this November, which the GOP machine is looking to take over.  Like any organization, they are looking to grow and prosper and here’s the opportunity. While at one time it may have been beneficial to a Republican to be anti-gay, not so much anymore with the changing public attitude. They also see the contempt that many from the LGBT community have for the Democrats and President Obama for not doing what they consider ‘enough and fast enough’ for the LGBT community. That is a golden opportunity waiting to be seized. I think the flailing GOP sees there are plenty of bloggers and gay activist who will be more than willing to throw support and dollars towards any GOP candidate perceived as gay friendly while they brew their blend of coffee and throw the Obama Administration and the Democratic party (which in reality is the only reason we’ve made progress towards equality and inclusion) under the bus.
So even though I believe that yes, some GOP’ers are starting to recognize how being anti-gay really goes against their party’s intent, I’m more inclined to believe it’s about opportunity. The opportunity to gain party momentum from a very politically active segment of the population. Understanding that we live in the United States of Amnesia, I’m sure it will be easy for the Republicans to lure some sheep over to their side of the fence, but I for one, haven’t forgotten who are allies, and enemies have been.  I won’t be eager to follow.

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