August 30, 2010

Gay pride brings together more than 70 000 people in Aracaju, Brazil

Was held on the afternoon of Sunday, 29, another edition of the Gay Parade, which is considered the largest public event organized by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) in Sergipe. The Parade has received more than 70 000 people between the class color, supporters and officials. The Orla de Atalaia won many colors and sparkles. Reporter Dania Matos followed closely all the irreverence of the festival, check out the story on Good Morning Sergipe, which begins at 6:30 am on Monday, 30.

Through the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Tourism and Sport, were given two triples and an electric band. The Superintendency of Municipal Transportation and Traffic (SMTT) together with CPRv Military Police, were responsible for organizing the traffic on the Catwalk Crab, venue of the show, and adjacent streets.

Already the City Health Department once again participated actively in the event. The support of SMS was inserted in the work to combat STDs, reinforced with the public because Circuit LGBT Pride LGBT. Besides the parade, the circuit has directed the holding of seminars for lesbians and gays.

"Prevention work continued in the parade, distributing condoms among 5,000 participants," said the coordinator of the STD / AIDS in SMS, Andrey Lemos. There will also be supported by a unit of Samu 192 during the entire journey.

The theme of this year's Gay Pride parade is' Vote for those who defend you. " According to the transsexual Tatiane Araujo, coordinator of the Gay Parade, the choice of this theme is related to guaranteeing the rights of homosexual public.

"This year, the organization of the parade is celebrating the brand expectations with more than 70 000 people. Citizenship LGBT is slowly being guaranteed. It is by supporting events like this that our goal is being achieved," advocates.
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