August 22, 2010

Firefighter Accused Of Attacking Transgender Woman

Scissor Sisters TicketsWOODLAWN, Md. (WJZ) online encounter ended with violence.  After undressing, a transgender woman claims she was attacked by a Baltimore City firefighter. Now both face criminal charges as police wade through contradicting statements.  

Adam May
 reveals why investigators question the firefighter's story.

The firefighter initially told police he was just trying to help the woman when he was robbed, but he declined to explain why her online personal ad seeking sex was on his Internet history.

Baltimore City firefighter Jerry Majette faces charges of assault following a violent confrontation Aug. 1 inside a Woodlawn apartment with Tamera King, a transgender person--also arrested for assault.

"Mr. Majette had hit the other party in the head with a hammer and the other party also had taken a pair of scissors and tried to assault Mr. Majette," said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore County Police.

According to court records, King told investigators the two began taking off their clothes to have sex but Majette suddenly said he didn't want to have sex with a "transvestite."  There was also an argument about money, which neighbors heard.

"You could hear the--you know, apartments are thin--you could hear [them]," said Antoinette Ford.  "`Give me my money, give me my money.  I want my money.'"

Another neighbor says that King knocked on his door for help.  He says he saw her shirtless, covering her breasts and bleeding.  He also said he saw the firefighter standing over her with a hammer in his hand.

Nobody answered the door at Majette's home or at King's apartment.  

When WJZ tried to find out how the two met, police say they gave conflicting statements.

"There's one version in which Mr. Majette tried to pick up this person as they flagged him down on the street.  Further investigation revealed they may have met online," McCullough said.

King told police she posted an ad on Craigslist identifying herself as transgender, implying Majette shouldn't have been surprised when they undressed.  

Majette was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery in the mid-90s.  More serious charges, including assault with the intent to murder, were dropped.

Police also say Majette was in uniform at the time of the assault.  He's suspended without pay pending the outcome of the case.

Both defendants are scheduled to appear in court Sept. 2.

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