March 19, 2015

Adamfoxie blog International

 Adamfoxie Blog International

adamfoxie* publishes  about 360 days a year 7 days a week. The stories of today as they were yesterday and the day before had to meet out the most stringent standards to be published which are: to be What is Important to Us(it has to have meaning and direction for what we care about)   

*Fresh as the bread cook in the morning, not stale even if its new.
*Current..It has to be what’s in  today not last week unless the story is big enough to continue and new facts are coming in.
*Provocative…It will make you think. To some it will bother but the idea is to be hot, something that one can learn about.

We are like no one else. We ask for trust but always gives you the sources on medical, Nature and political news.

You are invited to read us and better yet subscribe so you wont miss any edition. You wont get our commercials you will not be spammed.

Since 2009 we have been  publishing everyday. We have stayed on because of the readership. Our time to go will be when the readership leave us. We are in over 10 nations and are usually nations without freedom of the press others have the freedoms that guarantee we can publish without interference from the government like we have in the US, Britain, France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy and a few others.

Please also we ask you to visit the sites we advertise at the site. 

You can reach us at and leave an email completely fill out. If it passes our spammed folders and malware scanning we will answer you from one of the accounts dealing with your particular issue.

The Publisher is Adam Gonzalez and on the west coast we have a desk in charge of FaceBook publications his name is Jeremmy Hale

Stay with us, get your copies on your email box or social network account. If not visit often, or you might miss what we publish every night at 12 am Easter Standard Time

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