July 23, 2013

To Russia With Love {Archbishop Says Gay Marriage Would Bring the Apocalypse} An Apocalypse is Welcome!

It’s been all over the wires today and since yesterday. Words from the Archbishop of he Orthodox church{ "The Passing of Gay Rights will bring on the Apocalypse"}. I read the tittle and if I still smoked cigars I would have spit.  But I did shake my heard and said from the bottom of my heart an “AMEN”.  Yeah, that would be ok A stop of the way Russian is going about and a change.

The Apocalypse is the end. This is when things have been done and come to and end. The lst stop on the Moscow Express because they have been so bad like bigotry, Homophobia, Thinking of superiority because of gender or color of the skin. This is all true and when one reviews the history of the world one will see besides all the things I mentioned above plus redemption.

In Russian however you have a race of good looking, hard working smart people that have been given shit by the government as for any rights and coupons to go to lines and fight for bread. During the years of the USSR the schooling there was to get the wrong and rewritten facts about history. Any problem that the media reported in the Western world but particularly United States the government there would paint it like it was like that every where 365 days a year. Regular Russians tourists when they came to visit where shocked and now you can see it on Tv and the net and see the lies….unless you have no memory. I think you do.

As a result of having a whole nation indoctrinated in lies and things that existed only on the people’s mind that wrote the curriculum. As a result you have a malnourish, uneducated , confused nation. They can’t complaint unless is government sponsor because they will see jail or worse.

A nation who negated the disease of HIV like it only was in the West and therefore you have no idea of how bad the problem is in Russia.  People don’t get tested there. If they were found Positive I really don’t know what they will get for meds. Probably antifreeze lazed aspirins. Not the $3000. Dollars monthly that cost each patient here to deal with the disease and side affects of the Medicines.

Is this the Apocalypse the head of the Russian Orthodox church is talking about??? Or may be he is referring to the Apocalypse on the nations that already have approved Gay Marriages. Yes, they have an Apocalypse there. It’s called the end of Homophobia from the government of the people and the people that our constitution calls for Equal Protection finally get Equal Protection Under the Constitution of this United States and is not in every state but it will be.

You know I don’t mind calling it bad when the US Makes mistakes and does the wrong thing. But that goes for Russia also.

Russia has been cracking down on gays and lesbians lately, with harsh legislature making it potentially dangerous to be LGTB-identified in the country. President Putin has signed three anti-gay bills into law, with more to come.
He is supported in his anti-gay mission by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, who thinks that the recognition of same-sex unions by Western countries is a portent of doom. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill said on Sunday after the service in Red Square's Kazan Cathedral, "This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom, and we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction." Patriarch Kirill has previously gained attention for his directive to monks to avoid the "sinful and tempting" internet.
The religious leader called on Russians to block the passage of marriage equality laws, stating, "We face enormous temptations when countries start approving sin and codifying it into law in order to justify it." Putin seems to share his views, as the President has embarked on a shocking campaign against gays and lesbians living in Russia, as Harvey Fierstein explained in a New York Times op-ed on Sunday. 
Results on this Russian Apocalypse will not be seen and your suffering will not stop unless the Russian people become aware that the government of Putin is supported by the money He gets from working people and if they decide they don’t want it anymore they can bring an apocalypse and have an end to hatred for people that have done them no harm, they will get educated with computers now (at least the new generation, the old generation that have accepted these types of government might have to keep going to hell and there will be no apocalypse or ending for them until they die. But they can help the young ones growing up by allowing them access the computers and books. 
We are getting the Apocalypse ending of many diseases and we live so much better off.  Why is that? That’s because of the governments we have elected and when we go back words is because we elect assholes as People in Congress, Presidency and even the Supreme Court. But Our government is so big that it can absorbed those assholes I was talking about and eventually vote them out or wait them out until they leave, in other words recover. We recover from a President Name George Bush, even though the damaged he is done and the many soldiers killed and still going in certain places.
Yes, The Russian apocalypse would be great. An ending to the the status quo and how the people are treated there and they develop a desire for human rights. But for that you most think that human beings are valuable. Have an Apocalypse and end that ugly system that you have that only benefits the very few on the top and give everybody crumbs\ End it….bring an Apocalypse to Russia like we are bringing in to already many nations that respect human rights. Respect that if two grown individuals love each other and bow to stay with each  other the rest of their lives and help each other, who cares what sex they are. Two men . two women.  What is the difference to you. Don’t you have any code of conduct for which it allows other people that don’t think like you to speak up? To be different. You could never get rid of the government you have if you do not allow descent.
This is the Apocalypse and is great because is ending unfair laws that tell people what parts of their bodies they can or not use to have sex.Supposed you are with your wive a Government Watcher knocks on the door and tells you you are doing it wrong and proceeds to show you how to do it? Is that the Archbishop’s business or Putin’s or anybody!!
 I love the Russian people and nothing would be better than seeing an Apocalypse of Change. 
Isn’t your body yours? Or does it belongs to the state? if it belongs to the state you would live your life here in misery and then what? You gave your life for Putin who lives very well. How do you live? How many years have you got left? 
Have an apocalypse and change the unfair, poor, uneducated way some of you live? The hope is for the younger generations. You that have allowed the government to take your body, heart and soul. You might help now those younger ones and have them do things differently than you did Because the way you did it is brought you to the way you live today. 
       ♥You don’t even get an Apocalypse Unless You Make it happen…..good luck
Adam Gonzalez, Publisher of this Blog

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