July 20, 2013

Gay Marriage a Life and Death Issue


I was reading a post of a fellow blogger because he had been elected by people that like to tittle and label people. He was elected as The “Face” of the gay male or something to that. I was surprised that he accepted being that he had a bad case of the 'writers blockage syndrome' and now he had to pen a piece and he said he could not come up with anything. This is where the rubber meets the ass-and-fork (my words) and the blockage was as acute as a bad case of hiccups. It happens to all of us particularly when we are on a deadline to write something.

The second reason I was surprised he accepted the honor is because he said he was not ‘that’ face and gave samples of what that face is. He gave the stereotypes. He is not that type because he wont be seen at pride or at a political meeting or a bar. I was surprised he didn’t mentioned high heels. He said he was none of that. He was also against  hunger, starvation, war and I guess if he had enough room he would have taken the page saying all the things he is against. He concluded the paragraph or sentence saying because he is also against gay marriage. I figure the poor man believes if you want gay marriage for your fellow gays you are pro decease, war and all the things he mentioned.  I guess the pro marriage bunch are horrible people.  Had he been in front of me ( I know what you are thinking, not true:) I would have asked in which order he is against those maladies and if ever he would be for gay marriage? He did not elaborate which left me with a sour feeling because I just spent my time reading his stuff and he leaves out the most important point of the point he was trying to make. Yes, I know "against gay marriage.” But there two types of believers or I should say non believers. The ones that don’t believe in the institution of marriage and those who believe but say that we should have gone for something more important and then come back to gay marriage when the rest of the world was ok I guess.

That is the question I have, when? So You don’t get the wrong idea of me I have never been married, currently single and come from a marriage in which I don’t understand how my mom and my father stayed together for so many years. They fought every day.  May be if I would have asked more daring questions of mom I would find out and I only asked in front of my fathers dead body once(no she did not killed him). The response was "because I loved him” but that did not answer my question. That’s for another day because I want to stay on this thought which very important. So Im not pro marriage because I think I will get married. That’s settled.

I believe that marriage is of life and death because it is here now to do it or it wont get done in this generation. Marriage is an institution supported by all governments on this earth. It makes sense that for two people that want to commit to each other would get married to open the doors to all the other rights which by the way are intertwined around marriage. Nothing like marriage to get us so many other things we want. It is the perfect conduit to get us closer. If you have a better approach to human rights I’ll listen but everything I hear is pure pie in the sky and it’s either usually said by people that are not even fighting in the trenches or people with other motives than the one their mouth are articulating wether their brains are aware of it or not.

The acceptance of us getting married and we are already seeing dividend on the people that through marriage see how we have been discriminated and abused. Marriage is like a movie in color of the past that remind people we have not been treated the same. What does the institution of driving has to do with getting a driver’s license? Nothing and everything. The car doesn’t  know it yet  you don’t have a license but it will take you there if you know how to drive. However you will end up paying a lot of money and possibly jail if you don’t get the piece of paper. I understand why you would be against the institution. I know how it started and I agree to a certain point with you. But to be treated equally isn’t it worth for you to hold your nose if you have the right partner to do this. Don’t talk to me if nobody will marry you and that’s the reason you are oppose.

For those who want other things settled before, well this is what’s on the table! This is what we cooked and we don’t know it all.  I hope you are giving away a chunk of your salary to those that don’t have it in your neighborhood or mine. I hope you don't vote for politicians that will impede embryo cell research.  I hope you get wet in politics a bit because without it, there is no health and no food.

Health problems will never be settled in our generation. As we cure one cancer we develop another by-product of some cure or the damage of our water systems with lead and thousand other carcinogens giving people brain, colon and stomach cancer to people in scary proportions . So When would it be good for you? By you lending support you help so many people that love each other and want this. If you have nothing against these gays….Can't you hold your nose? Because the human problems will always be there. We can’t stop being human just because we are going to die one day. Because it will happen and we can’t wait.

Adam Gonzalez, Publisher

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