December 20, 2014

Anti gay Pastor Gaylord Williams Arrested After Grabbing a Man’s Crotch

Gaylard Williams
A pastor belonging to the anti-gay Praise Cathedral Church of God in Indiana has been arrested for sexually harassing a man at a lake, reports Pink News.
According to the victim, Pastor Gaylard Williams approached him while he sat in his car, squeezed his genitals and asked him for oral sex. He said he only managed to make Williams leave by pretending to reach for a gun.
According to the report, when police caught up with Williams they found gay pornography in his car. Williams claimed he was holding the pornography for a friend, and was at the lake to look for a friend who fished there.
Church of God beliefs state that homosexuality is a sin, marriage is between a man and a woman, and “We will engage in those activities which glorify God in our body and which avoid the fulfillment of the lust of the flesh.”

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