July 9, 2018

"Whites Only" NC Man Loses Job For Keeping Black Mom Out of Pool

 Jamie Hein, a landlord in Cincinnati, asked the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to reconsider a ruling it made regarding a law she violated.  What law did she violate you ask?  Well Ms. Hein violated the Ohio Civil Rights Act by posting a sign that reads “PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL, WHITE ONLY” (yes, it was 2012!)

Turn it, bake it, fry it any way you like; But the white truth is we have been living in a racist society. No not 50% of the population but through Trump supporters we know it's around the 38%, give or take. If liberals, Progressives and some independents would have realized that in 2016, Trump would have never won because people would know the war is NOT won and no matter what we do if we give the government to these bigots, they will change our nation. Some say we are a nation of laws and we have the constitution etc. Well as you know, laws can be changed and the constitution can be amended. What I've learned in the past two years is that is not the bottom feeders, the 1or 2% max. I was wrong. By the time the next election comes around, we will have a real fight on our hands because these people would feel empowered and they would cheat like before and they will do things decent people won't do, And we could lose.   

 WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A  North Carolina man has lost his day job and pool chairmanship after an allegedly racially charged incident recorded on a cell phone Wednesday went viral. 
The Winston-Salem Police Department confirmed they received a "disturbance" call on July 4 around 1:21 pm at the Glenridge Community Swimming Pool. The caller identified himself as Adam Bloom and said he was the chairman of the pool, according to the police report. 
Officers spoke with Bloom who said he was concerned that a woman identified as Jasmine Abhulimen was using the pool without authorization to do so.
The responding officers determined during their investigation that Abhulimen did have proper access via her pool access card. The officers said no crime was committed.
Abhulimen recorded the incident on her cellphone and the video has since received national and international attention. She accused Bloom of racial profiling and said in the video that she was the only one asked to show ID.  
John Vermitsky, Adam Bloom's attorney, told the Winston-Salem Journal that Bloom confronted Abhulimen after speaking with another board member and learning of a possible discrepancy with Abhulimen's address.
Bloom's job as a pool chair included removing people from the pool who were not authorized to be there. He did so several times a year, and people who have been removed include a variety of ages and races, Vermitsky told the paper.
Eric Ellison, Abhulimen’s attorney, issued a statement Friday saying Abhulimen "was the target of racial profiling" and that “this incident was traumatizing to Mrs. Abhulimen and her entire family."
The Homeowners Associated released this statement to WFMY News 2 about the incident
The company that Adam Bloom worked for, Sonoco Products, released a statement saying he was no longer an employee there.

We are aware of a terrible incident involving the actions of one our employees outside of the workplace, and we have released this statement.
Many on social media have labeled Bloom "ID Adam" in the wake of the incident. 
Other people who have been accused of racial profiling have been similarly labeled on social media, including Permit Patty and Pool Patrol Paula.
Contributing: Joel Shannon, USA TODAY

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We need more Rosa Parks preferably white

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