July 11, 2017

"Why Should I Pay For Health Insurance for The poor?" What does Money means to the Wealthy?

 The United States Has More weathy people on the very top than any other nation ,plus the most amount of  people making a low salaried compared to the western nations, some of which have spread out distribution of wealth with less billionaires but more people living well without debt. Health services are povided by the government from everyone's taxes. Everyone's covered and everyone has pleanty of money left over for  house, cars, college, overseas vacations. The Nordic countries do particularly well. They have wealthy people but they dont swallow the wealth from everyone else. The ones that would like to become super rich they come to the US.the land of the very rich and the poor.

"If we taxpapyers are required to pay for the health care of some of our fellow citizens, what are they required to do for us?"

 I wondered if she was religious but I could not make this a religion answer to her question which was not a serious question becasue she thought she knew the answer. {Actually JC in the Bible asked something smilar to what she asked but in a serious way and meaning you could not use it as an excuse of giving while expecting something}. Instead I gave figures on my remarks to her (below) from the government of who is got the most money, who are the people she is paying for their health Insurance and by the way every year the amount of people in that chunk gets smaller. Good right? No, because the amount of people with all the money gets smaller the chunk of money they get, thanks to the government gets bigger! Wealthy gets more wealthy but the money has not trickled down but poured up. Those are the people we all pay for their well being and best doctors. No body bitches but just think about it.

This inequality of who accumulates the money is easily fixable in theory if people were educated and less selfish. People are into this American Dream way of mind;  If you work hard then you can get promoted and make a lot more money. Some believe if you work hard and then get into a mortgage of 60 yrs and have two cars financed then that is your right to feel like a real american that is made it.   Most people believe that if they work hard and get lucky, this is the country where they can get rich and join those rich cats up in what ever mountain they reside in. They have this faith that it could happen to them. They don't stop to think what is being wealthy? How much does it take? What does it cost to get there? As Trump and his children how much it cost them? We know that the founder of Facebook went from middle class to wealthy. Why? He came up with an invention. If you are an inventor you do have a shot. But is a very intestimal small shot. The patent office will tell you about the millions of patents they have isssued to people they never see again.

So How does one gets Wealthy? There are so many books written about it by poor people trying to make it rich on your money!

The problem is that happens less often than lightning hitting people on the right shoulder. Wether inventor,  blue , white collar workers. Still people have faith and like to belive they have a chance.
Wwalth when it happens it tends to stay in the family for ages. Like the children of any succesful inventor, they will be wealthy for ever with no need to hold a regular job but to work for the family to protect the wealth. Don't confuse rich with wealthy. Rich is a few Million dollars while wealthy is billions to trillions. So much money is hard for someone to wrap their head around it. If you have ever set foot on a yact belonging to a wealthy person and the following month on a yact from a rich person you will see the difference. The wealthy man brings stuff from the ends of the world to fill a corner in one of their houses. A rich person never pays full price, people want to be in good graces and be called again. It cost less to be wealthy than to be poor. When you have to stand 8-12 hrs a day in your job to affor to pay for your house, that is very costly.

Even if I ended up in becoming the President of my company when I was working full time I still would have to work 6-7 days a week to afford the trappings of success. Real wealthy people don't work, don't tip and do not pick up the morning paper in front of the house. They don't drive and they don't fly first class. They have someone to fly for them and when they do fly a long distance the plane is empy with the exception of his employees that fly his plane. They get pay more for the honor of working for such a man (seldom a woman) than for the actual money and they will never become wealthy. 

Wealthy people can not stopped making money because is not about money but power. The same way a rapist is, not a testostatrome filled man that can't control his sexual urges but someone in need of power over his victims. "Not about sex but power." Not about money but power. and...there is no mercy for those that don't have the power.
Adam Gonzalez

This I saw While I was reding up for information on health care. Adam.

Mary K. Sykes · 
RxoseX Hill, Kansas
If we taxpapyers are required to pay for the health care of some of our fellow citizens, what are they required to do for us?--lose weight? exercise more? eat healthier? not impregnate casually? spend less of their available cash on entertainment and "things"? New, federal health care law must have a quid pro quo aspect to be acceptable to me. Until there's a new amendment to the US Constitution, health care is NOT a RIGHT.
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Catherine Siebert · 
SDSU (San Diego State University)
I told my various representatives when they passed the ACA they needed to give healthy people rebates ie:all insurance companies should be required to give the same percentage of rebates to people who are healthy enough that all they need is preventive care (and list exactly what that preventive care is) and insurance just in case they have an accident not ocvered by other insurances. Needless to say they didn't listen to me.
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Adam Gonzalez · 
Mary I guess you don't know you already pay for the health care of the 01% in this country which owns the wealth in this country. No other country have so many poor, opposite the very rich which no matter how much we work we wont be part of even the bottom part of that group.What do they do for us, you? They collect your money and make sure the laws that make them so rich wont change.They work 24 hrs at that and hire many people to go and make their points to the other people in power.. To be fair if you dont want to pay for the poor's health insurance (you will stil pay more when they need hospitalization because they never could afford check ups or visits for things that have not turn into infection yet, etc.)
that cant pay for health insurance, you should stop paying for the very rich. I bet you you never bitched about that. It sounds you are not religious otherwise I would say is that what you would tell your god? What do the poor do for me besides do my lawn, clean my toilet and do my laundry, clean my house? Sometimes being too concern with "me" makes you loose the big or "higher' picture.
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