July 16, 2017

Chris Wallace//Shepard Smith: We Need to Be Americans First Now

If you are a fair minded person regardless how you vote what has happned and is happenig in our country should make you mad and possibly give you a little anxiety to make sure the people involved pay for what they did and these doors be closed and bolted so it wont happen again.  

There is a lot of facts I could give you and articles from the media, instead Im giving you the only major American media Donald Trump talks to and he is said he listens to. It is the only network permitted to give Donald Trump interviews (and the 700 club which interviewed with Trump was released this past week). 

Here is Fox and Friends on this blog for the first time. It's time we see this as a unifying factor of us against the Russians and anybody else that tries to interfere in electing the President or the Congress.

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