July 14, 2017

Watch a 78 Yr Old and a 13 Yr Old Discuss Growing Up Gay

Just 50 years ago, homosexuality was illegal in the U.K., and one 78-year-old gay man named Percy lived through this era. In a video from the YouTube channel Trent & Luke called "Young, Gay, and Illegal — Then & Now," he tells a gay 13-year-old named Louis what that was like, Pink News reports.
Percy and Louis have several things in common: Both are in relationships with other men. And both were afraid when they first realized they were gay. "I was confused because I didn't know what it was at first," Louis says in the video. "I never knew there was such a thing as liking boys. I thought it was just me by myself." Once he became sure of it and told his parents, however, they were incredibly supportive.


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