July 23, 2017

Brazilian Soccer Player Appears with Chechen Gay Killer Ramzan Kadyrov

I saw this picture in Portugal Gay (online paper) and immediately I got very nauseous. What would it take for an international ex-soccer player accustomed to seeing different types of people and as a black man with a face only his mama and the whom ever he pays for sex can love to give this killer and self-described hater to appear in the same picture??? I guess because he is an ex and otherwise could not get on the paper. As I write this column there are gays in Chechnya both being secretly tortured and kill in labor camps and physically and mentally abused hiding in the rest of that hellish place. There is plenty here on adamfoxie.blogspot.com  to go with what Kadyrov is doing to Gay men in Chechnya in case little R😖naldito needs to educate himself.

I'm sure Ronaldo has been the target of racism himself.  I imagine he is got no self-respect or may be he just only reads Chinese fortune cookies and is not aware of what goes on in the rest of the world besides maybe soccer and the menu at McD's. Like they say in the neighborhood where I grew up, What a sack of s***  no wonder they appear together. Can this Picture be photoshopped? Anything is possible and if so my apology will be forthcoming but it does not seem that way. 

"The Brazilian player, who played for Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Milan and the Brazilian national team, raved fans with the publication of the photo over the weekend. In the photo it seems all the people are happy with Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of the Republic of Chechnya, who has been accused of promoting the persecution not only of homosexuals but also of all people with sexual orientation or minority gender identity."

 (2 comments that appeared with the picture):

Ronaldinho Gaucho visited Grozny, Russia, to support the relaunch of the city's football club although it is unclear how much he will have received for the event.
Well received by all, here in Grozny. Special too, come from so far and receive so much affection !!! Thanks for everything FC Akhmat Grozny @ kadyrov_95 and @ cherhigov_95.

Repudiation comments were not long in coming ...
It's disgusting that you let yourself be photographed with this killer. You have no shame and no respect for yourself. How much did they pay you to ruin your reputation?

Translated from Portuguese.

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