July 19, 2017

We See Israel Now For What is Has Not Been-Not Gay Inclusive but An Enclave of Religious Gay Bigotry

                               This is Tony and Brian and this is not happening in Israel๐Ÿ‘ช⟱


The government of Israel has spent lots of advertising money through the years selling Israel as a Gay Paradise which has never been. True, Israel was one of the first nations to accept gay recruits for the IDF but that was done for self interests not for being fair and inclusive. A small nation in which is mandatory  to serve in its military did not want to exclude a big chunk of both men and women that they desperadly needed plus the science to separate straights from gays does not exists yet contray to some religious nations operating at least a century behind; Looking up at a mens butt hole will detect hemorroids but there is no such thing as gay or hetero ones. 
There is something so wrong for a man, religious or not that would volunteer for that little job!๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ‘‡

 Same-sex marriage is not legal in Israel. The Israeli Government has registered same-sex marriages performed abroad for some purposes since 2006. However, since the state has yet to legalize civil marriage in Israel, those who choose to get married must turn to one of the 15 religious marriage courts recognized by the state. As of 2017, none of the 15 religious courts permit same-sex marriage under their respective auspices. Consequently, Israelis who desire to have their same-sex marriage recognized by the Israeli Government must first wed outside Israel and then register upon returning home. (wiki)

Adoptions is where the last bastions of extremism and discrimination is on nations that have open up to aloud people that love each other to be together legally. Discrimnation on adoptions not only hurt good couples that would make wonderful parents but kids and infants already born and without parents because the war, nature or poverty. If they can accept two men or two women being legally together why would they assumed that they would not make goood parents? The excuse that every child need both parents of opposite sexes is just fluff. Many of the kids that need adoptions have no parents at all. A kid that's growing up in a loving, secure environment would be a happy kid. Kids do not know how to be a bigot or how to discriminate. Those are thngs people, particulalry those that call themselves religious teach them.
Adam Gonzalez, Publisher

The following is a news and editorial I pulled from Hareets daily Newspaper and it describes the issue of gay discrimination and adoption in Israel. 

The annual Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv, Israel, June 12, 2015. Ariel Schalit, AP
Analysis Israel's opposition to adoption by same-sex couples proves: The state lags behind society
Only three same-sex couples allowed to adopt in Israel since it became legal in 2008
Israel tells top court it opposes adoptions by same-sex couples

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law last month that gives religion-based adoption services and welfare workers the right to refuse engagement with certain adoptive families on religious grounds. The law, which exists in a similar form in a few other U.S. states, is primarily meant to allow welfare workers that are devout Christians to deny adoptions to LGBTQ couples. In doing so, it also permits them to shun atheists, Muslims, Jews and just about anyone else their religion doesn’t appreciate.

The passage of the law by the Texas legislature was hailed as a victory for freedom of religion. It is part of a nationwide rearguard action by Evangelicals, Catholics and other conservatives to limit the scope of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 recognition of same-sex marriages. To their credit, unlike Israel’s Welfare Ministry, these reactionaries don’t hide their opposition to same-sex adoptions behind bogus assertions of the child’s best interest. They take pride in their principled objections to granting genuine full equality to families of gays, lesbians, transgenders and anyone else who deviates from the biblical blueprint of man and woman, preferably believers in Jesus.

The quality and quantity of serious research papers that reach the conclusion that children adopted by same-sex couples are at a disadvantage compared to those adopted by opposite-sex couples is negligible anyway. As in the efforts to challenge global warming, in most cases their theological or political biases are transparent. Columbia University asserts that of 79 research papers that it has examined over the years, only four argued against same-sex adoptions, and their methodology was flawed. Some researchers maintain that adoptions by same-sex couples, such as girls who are raised by two fathers, can actually be healthier for the child.

The Israeli government’s response to a petition to the High Court to formally allow same-sex adoptions initially cited a debunked claim that children adopted by gay and lesbian couples are bound to suffer because of the stigma attached to their families. They then changed tack and tried to blame Israeli society itself. “It isn’t legitimate enough,” they claimed, citing a well-worn excuse for preserving discrimination: After all, it “wasn’t legitimate enough” in the American south for African-Americans to wash their hands in the same sinks as white people. “There are some areas, like Tel Aviv, in which it is more acceptable,” they added, “and other areas in which it isn’t.” By this logic, ultra-Orthodox Jews shouldn’t be allowed to adopt either, because they would stand out in secular Tel Aviv suburbs, and leftists should be barred from adopting as well, because they would be completely ostracized if they chose to move to a radical Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Gay and lesbian people, like most other human beings, tend to live in places in which they and their children are received warmly and are not considered “deviant,” unless the Israeli government portrays them as such.

As in Texas, fundamentalists and reactionaries who view members of the LGBTQ community as “perverts,” as a respected national religious rabbi recently said, wield enormous political power. In Israel, on the other hand, members of the LGBTQ community can console themselves with the thought that they are not alone. On matters of birth, death, marriage, conversions and a whole range of other issues, their country discriminates against mixed marriages, people disqualified from Orthodox marriages, Reform and Conservative U.S. Jews and more – never mind Arabs and Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line.
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The public outcry that led Welfare Minister Haim Katz to ask the High Court on Tuesday to grant an extension so that the government could reassess its position is proof that the problem is not with Israeli society, which is mostly tolerant and open to persuasion, but with the government and coalition that runs its affairs. On the other hand, it’s quite possible that what forced the government’s hand is the heavy damage sustained by the ongoing hasbara campaign to portray Israel as an LGBTQ paradise, which was so convincing that even gay and lesbian people started to believe it actually existed. 
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 Chemi Shalev
Haaretz Correspondent

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Frederick Wright said...

A lot of people confuse the abundance of gay clubs, places where effeminate men can frolic with relative freedom before going back to their private 'real' lives, with the full legal and cultural equal rights. Certainly Tel Aviv has the gay beaches, gay baths, gay nightclubs, all targeted at the elite, the Fabulous Royalty. This serves to maintain the strict ghetto mentality that is essential for oppression of gay people.

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