July 13, 2017

Trump's Jr. Revelation Convinces Two Congressmen File Complaint for "Articles of Impeachment"

     Do not expect this to go anywhere at this time but just in case another shoe drops, you might find more than two congressmen and you might get the votes you eed which are 2/3 of the house which will take Democrats and Republicans.                                                                    

It was introduced by Democratic congressmen Al Green and Brad Sherman in the wake of news about Russia’s possible involvement with the president’s election campaign.

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Sherman said the article was filed because the firing of FBI Director James Comey constitutes an ‘obstruction of justice’.

A statement on his website reads: ‘Recent disclosures by Donald Trump Jr. indicate that Trump’s campaign was eager to receive assistance from Russia. It now seems likely that the President had something to hide when he tried to curtail the investigation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the wider Russian probe. 

‘Every day Democrats, Republicans, and the entire world are shocked by the latest example of America’s amateur President. Ignorance accompanied by a refusal to learn. Lack of impulse control, accompanied by a refusal to have his staff control his impulses.  We’re no longer surprised by any action, no matter how far below the dignity of the office — and no matter how dangerous to the country.

‘But the Constitution does not provide for the removal of a President for impulsive, ignorant incompetence. It does provide for the removal of a President for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.’
What is impeachment and how does it work?

Impeachment is referred to in the US constitution as: ‘The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.’
Put simply, if congress doesn’t like what the president is doing, it has the power to remove him from office.

But for them to do so, there has to be evidence of misconduct.
Someone in the US House of Representatives must then present a resolution calling for impeachment.
A committee will investigate the accusations of misconduct. Whether or not there are actual grounds for impeachment is voted on.

If all agree, the Senate will hold an impeachment trial. Two-thirds of the Senate must vote in favour of conviction for the president to be removed.
Impeachment doesn’t happen often, nor is it a quick resolve. Only two president have ever been impeached: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

For those that don't clearly understand impeachment, this the way the framer's of the constitution gave one of the co equal branches of governemnt the power to remove a president (Congress).  
Let me just add this is not an easy process. It is not really complicated but most people don't understand it much only because is almost never uaed. It has only been used 19 times in the history of the nation but only 3 for Presidents.

This is also the process to remove federal judges appointed for life, even the Supreme Court justices. The Vice President and members of the cabinet can also be impeached if when asked for a resignation they don't submitted but no one will be as silly as wanting to get impeached. This only apply to the cabinet. Not to the FBI or other agencies cheifs. They can just be fired, as Comey was.

In the case of the President, the House most bring specific reasons, then the house if it agrees converts them into articles of impeachemnt and votes on them. Two thrids gets the President impeached. The constitution gives instructions but they can be interpreted in different ways, that is why I say it is a political trial. Im not going to go ino it because is early in the process but also because the process does not work like a case that goes to the jusry in a criminal case. There the law is followed. 

In an impeachment of the President of the United States the law is secondary and politics plays it's hand. These are politicians and our system is a system run by politicians, so at the end politics plays a paramount reason, even though the congressmen and senators will be saying they are strictly following the law.
Why do I say that? When President Clinton was impeached the only leagl reason the GOP could find was that he lied in an interview under Oath.  Q:"Did you have sex with that woman?"
Answer: "It all depends what your definition of sex is." Clinton was tring to say that his definition of sex was intercoarse and they did not have intercoarse, it was a bj (at least one). So when cornnered he said "No"
That did him in as far as the Republicans were concern because they had the Monica Lewinsky dress which she kept uncleaned and it had his DNA. They really had nothing esle. They were just pissed he had sex in the oval room and they hated him, still do! Clinton was a popular President who just been relected with a nice margin by the american people, and there they were trying to take the choise away from the american people becuase they really didn't like him. But they talked all kinds of legalities but it was all political. They brought religion into it, morality, family values. etc.None of that is in the constitution but in their minds as they spoked that's what it was.

1. House members file complaint which can become aricles of impeachment by the House memebers.
2. Eventually those articles will be voted on but before they will be a lot of talking having the people that believe in impeaching trying to convince the other side.

If The President gets impeached by a vote in the House by two thirds against him:

3. It goes to the Senate were a Trial is held (the President does not attent any of these proceedings).

4. The Superior Court Chief Justice will serve as judge but the decission will be to the senators on a final vote of 2/3. So is even a beyond a majority. This is were Clinton won. They did not have the 2/3 vote.
But Clinton has the dishonor with two other Presidents of being impeached. Only one was removed.

This case is different. We''ll see what the complaint is but I would not be surprised if treason was not part of it. As you can see it's not going to be easy when you have the Republicans controlling the hosue and senate. It might not even get to Articles of impeachment because the Republicans would have to agree otherwise what just went off was a gun with no bullets not even blanks.
Adam Gonzalez

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