July 3, 2017

Suzie Orman Blames The Victims of LGBT Discrimination-Blaming The Victims is Always Easier

Suzie Orman ( Independent Finacial Anchor on how to handle your finances) was asked, “What can those who are in the LGBT community do to fight back against discrimination — which can potentially affect pay and ability to move up at work?”

To which she answered:

"Step up for what you want. Own the power to control your destiny. That is key. Because I was proud of who I am, I was never discriminated against because I was gay. The less self-worth you have, the less net worth you have. Power creates money. Powerless repels it.
I once lost a job because of my employer’s homophobia, and, without getting into details, I can say with certainty that a lack of pride didn’t cause discrimination. If anything, if I were less proud at the time and stayed in the closet at that job, then I probably wouldn’t have lost it."

Orman, on the other hand, had her first book published in 1995, before Ellen Degeneres came out. She had several books under her belt by the time CNBC began airing The Suze Orman Show in 2002. When she came out in 2007 in an issue of New York Times Magazine, she already had an audience and the country was much more accepting of gay celebrities than it was when she was first trying to make a name for herself in the media.

It seems to me like her ability to keep homophobia from stifling her career had less to do with pride in herself and more to do with successfully navigating other people’s reactions.

And maybe a public figure who spent over half of her career in the closet shouldn’t be lecturing the rest of us about how our employers’ homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are our own fault for not being proud enough.

I don’t follow Orman closely enough to know if the “bad things only happen to people who deserve them” is a regular part of her shtick. She’s rich and famous so it wouldn’t be surprising if she liked to think that she’s rich and famous because she’s morally superior to others.

The reason I wanted to post Ms. Suzie Orman is that I once admired her for her courage to come out. However, the truth is Suzie Orman feels she was never discriminated because of two facts:

1. White
2. Wealthy with a wealthy partner

No is not just enough to step up to the plate like she says but there has to be a plate for you in the first place. Coming out is a wonderful empowering well but one has to come out more than once. 
Coming out is not a once occurrence. You come out every time you are asked, hear something negative, the opportunity arises. It should come out naturally and not be demanding of anything at the beginning, except respect.
In certain areas of work, you don't have to carry your rainbow button if you have one. You can be low keyed and still be out. No need to make dates with girls to mold the wrong impression, that can cause a lot of pain particularly on the other person.  (Adam Gonzalez)

There have been enough studies except all you need to understand how people are treated is how things happen or not happen in this nation and the world when you have means and you don't belong to a an ethnic category which sets you apart from everybody else. The idea is to do your business in a quietly effective manner with a minimum of disruptions over other things besides business and money. 

Had she been given (Ms. Suz) a different ethnicity and color skin only her money would save her from paying from things that others get for free. The fact is that the more financially stable a person is the less the person pays. Preferable rates in banking, borrowing to expand and even to stay at a high-end hotel. 
If you are wealthy enough it's their real pleasure to have you and the champagne, room service, flowers will be on the hosue.

How does having a wealthy partner insures your own stability? Simply when there is only one to lift is easier than two but a partner works in a nicely different way for most wealthy or not. Simply is usually cheaper to live with two than to pay for one. My mom used to say 'where you fit one there is always room for a second. But there has to be room for at least one.'

Now you see Ms. Suz have nothing to complaint. I hope she helps others just to make sure life won't play any tricks on her.

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