Stephanie Miller says she came out lesbian last month because “it was time
 for me to stop cheering gay rights from the sidelines.”

City Times, the 48-year-old progressive radio host talks about what
 her to come out gay.
“For me it became time to stop cheering gay rights from the sidelines 
and step down on the battlefield and put a human face on it,” Miller said. 
“I'm just one more, but I think that's part of what moves any civil rights 
battle forward is
 people putting a human face on it.”
During a broadcast last month on the syndicated radio program The 
Stephanie Miller Show, the former comedienne said she had grown 
concerned about her ability to speak on issues such as gay marriage and
 open gay military service “authentically” without offering a full disclosure.
Miller credited openly lesbian country singer Chely Wright, with whom
 she has become good friends in recent months, with inspiring her to 
come out publicly.
“And there are people who inspired me, like my friend Chely Wright,
who's the country singer who just came out,” Miller told the paper.
“We got to be friends and she was able to speak to it in a way that I hadn't
 sort of heard before because I said on the air I've always been a very
 private person and I've never said 'I'm straight' or 'I'm gay' or made up boyfriends.”