July 6, 2017

Iraqui Actor, Believed Gay, Was Tortured and Stabbed to Death in Baghdad

Male model tortured and stabbed to death 'over his appearance' in Iraq
Karar Nushi, an actor and student in Baghdad, was found dead north of the capital

A male model was tortured and stabbed to death in Iraq, reportedly over his appearance.
Karar Nushi, an actor and student at the Institute Of Fine Arts in Baghdad, was found dead in Palestine Street, north of the capital.
His body was covered in stab wounds and bore signs of torture, Iraqi News report.
Social media followers say he received death threats from anonymous people online, who criticized his tight outfits and long hair.
Karar was understood to have been preparing for a male beauty pageant.

Male model tortured and stabbed to death 'over his appearance' in Iraq
Karar is thought to have been preparing for a male beauty pageant and had reportedly received death threats online 

Mourners on social media paid tribute to Karar, with some blaming Isis for spreading their hateful ideology throughout the country.

Isis militants have executed or punished civilians for breaking their strict version of sharia law, and have reportedly executed some on suspicion of homosexuality.
Last year, a man was thrown to his death from the top of a high building in Kirkuk, Iraq, and his corpse was then stoned by Daesh supporters on the ground.
Earlier in 2016, a blindfolded man said to be accused of homosexuality was thrown from a 10-storey building in Aleppo, Syria.

Metro UK

This death did not occurred in a vacuum. Here is a gay man that cannot play the part of straight. He is not allowed to come to the US because Donald Trump is forbidden this. People from the country we invaded and tried to change through 10 years are not allowed here.
Why is a gay man in danger in Baghdad, not allowed to leave? No one will argue he was no thread to anyone. What if he wanted to stay and work with other gays as he was probably doing, what about help from the American Embassy. Yes the American Embassy was helping until Trump stopped it and even cut their budget.
The cowards that knifed him to death than beat up his corpse, as cowards they were not going to take a chance he will break one of their nails or give one a black eye in a struggle.
The active presence of the US embassy in Baghdad has played an important role in providing resources, funding, and protection to some activists and LGBT+ individuals, and with these new orders which are influencing the relationship between the two countries, it's unclear what role the embassies in Iraq will play.

Among his other decisions, Trump also made it clear that he is going to reduce the US's contribution and role in the United Nations which represents a major setback for the Iraqi/Kurdish and also global LGBT+ movements as this means that one of the most influential states in the world that has been actively advocating for LGBT+ rights with different governments in the past 8 years will suddenly disappear, and might even play an opposite role to the one the US played under Obama's leadership. 

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