July 6, 2017

Andrew Garfield Comes Out But He Quantifies it "I don't Have Sex with a Man"

Andrew Garfield Plays a dying gay man in HBO and He thinks coming out could be embarrassing. When he said he was gay he quantified it by saying he doesn't have gay sex.Gay is gay and if someone says there are straight they usually don't say and by the way, I never get laid. 

Wow. Andrew Garfield made a huge announcement during a recent Q & A, but we can’t tell if he was kidding or not! The actor revealed during an interview he considers himself a ‘gay man’ who doesn’t have sex with other men.

Did Andrew Garfield, 33, just come out or is he messing with all of us? During a recent discussion with the audience following a performance of the critically-acclaimed drama Angels in America in London, the actor seemed to, jokingly, confirm he was gay. Huh? Andrew, who portrays a gay character who has AIDS in the play, told the crowd that he believes he is a “gay man right now just without the physical act,” according to the Gay Times. 

“My only time off during rehearsals – every Sunday I would have eight friends over and we would just watch [RuPaul’s Drag Race]. This is my life outside of this play,” he said. Andrew explained he would watch the competitive drag racing show while preparing for his role in the play. The actor — who was previously in a long term relationship with actress Emma Stone — said, “as far as I know, I am not a gay man,” but that he isn’t ruling out the idea of having a same-sex physical relationship one day. “Maybe I’ll have an awakening later in my life, which I’m sure will be wonderful and I’ll get to explore that part of the garden, but right now I’m secluded to my area, which is wonderful as well,” he said.
The Spider-Man star has previously joked about his sexuality, so it is hard to tell if he was being serious in this interview. Andrew famously kissed Ryan Reynolds at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards after the latter lost to Ryan Gosling in the Best Actor category. The moment shocked viewers so much it instantly went viral. Andrew would go on to discuss it in several interviews, including one with Stephen Colbert, in which he then jokingly kissed Stephen as well! Click here to see pics of Andrew and Emma.
Andrew told the Angels in America audience he was concerned about playing a homosexual character in the play — which he says is “as much devoted to my friends in the gay community as it is those that passed during the epidemic” — but had to “trust that it was the right thing.” Andrew has shown support for the gay community by speaking out in favor of marriage equality and publicly questioning why the role of Spider-Man couldn’t be gay. 
HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Andrew’s statement that he thinks he may be a gay man who doesn’t have sex with other men? Let us know below!

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