March 15, 2014

Penis Insurance from UNDZ-Watch Commercial and the Insured!


Penis insurance is now for the masses! What once was the domain of a Pornstars and Rockstars is now available for everyone. UNDZ wants to give all men the phallic security that they need and deserve, so with each purchase of three or more pairs of UNDZ underwear you’ll receive $50,000 dollars in Penis insurance The penis insurance is free and absolutely legit, your member is underwritten professionals. With the purchase of just 3 pairs of UNDZ you receive high quality underwear made from a soft organic cotton and spandex blend… but you also receive a deep sense of tranquility and inner peace which stems from the knowledge that your Johnson is insured. UNDZ aims to deliver a cozy feeling to the man and his manhood. UNDZ understands that this is a crazy chaotic world, that we live in a universe with nearly infinite hazards to life and penis. UNDZ wants to help protect you from a crazy world could leave you penis-less at any moment. So start spreading the word and help UNDZ bring penis insurance to the masses! Whether you treat your tallywhacker with the utmost respect or you batter it about like a sailor on shore leave, it’s time to put on some fresh UNDZ. With the countless hazards to our trouser snakes lurking out there, let’s make them safe. Wrap your package in soft organic cotton blended with spandex and wrap your mind around the idea that your penis has $50,000 worth of insurance. Let UNDZ help you treat your penis right, for once. 

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