March 24, 2014

Lesbian Asks Harlem Church to Stone Her to Death

Lesbian Confronts Anti-Gay Harlem Church And Asks Them To Stone Her To Death
People love to quote or paraphrase the bible. I would never quote as truth from any book unless I read the book and understood it. On most famous speeches you have words such as life, death, light darkness and so on that if one were to take a particular word or paragraph one could state the opposite of what the point the writer was trying to make. In the bible you have songs, poems, fables, dreams, nightmares, death to humans and animal? and so much of so much that even reading it unless you understood where it came from what writer said what and who he was, the look of the reader is going to be one of overload. 
Death is something that is called for many things from eating shell fish to cheating, the type of clothes etc. But people against or pro something only quote or do the parts that are convenient to them. If that was for any book, who cares? No one because that is what humans do, what is convenient to their view of things. The problem here is that when people talk about this book people are talking about real people. There have been people starving for a job because they were either protestant or catholic. It either goes like that of people being killed today! For the same reasons as a centuries ago.
Lebanon, Syria, Israel and in every country in the middle east your religion dictates how you live and in some cases if you a re going to live. I wish that more educated people would at least stop quoting something they don’t understand or make it a rule not to quote from any book they haven’t read. For many years the bible was not accessible for others but priests to read. At the protestant Seminary I  was taught the reason for that was so people would not know the real truth. That has some truth to it but very little. The catholic church knew that people would find out that selling pieces of wood saying it part of the cross and that will save them from purgatory, by the way there is no such word in any translation of any version of the bible. But also they knew that this book was too confusing and it appeared contradictory. Yes is contradictory because is not one book but many books assembled together and not at the same time or century.
With that introduction let me tell you what Jennifer Louise decided to do fed up of the erroneous quoting of the bible. 
When Jennifer Louise Lopez first laid eyes on a horrific anti-gay sign posted by The ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in her neighborhood in Harlem, she decided to take action.
The church run by Dr. James David Manning, made headlines in February when they posted a sign that read “Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.”
The church later changed the sign to one that read “Jesus would stone homos,” along with “Stoning is still the law” and Bible verses Matthew 5:17-19, Deuteronomy 17:5-7, Leviticus 20:13 and John 8:1-11.
In response to their latest sign, Lopez knocked on the church’s front door this week and informed the man who answered that she was there for her stoning. “I saw your sign and I’m here for my stoning, I’m a lesbian,” Lopez tells the man in a video she posted on Facebook.
The unidentified man tells Lopez that he doesn’t have any stones but she should come back the next day. 

“I hope that by going up to the door and presenting myself as the human and the product of Godess’ creation, churches can begin to understand that us lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are the very same creations that they are,” Lopez told The Huffington Post. “My Godess is one of peace, love and inclusion for everyone. As a United Methodist Christian I would love to see that one day soon all of our churches, including any religion, are able to finally stop the discrimination toward LGBT people.”
Huffpost adds:

 Lopez noted in the comments section of the video that her actions were inspired by Pamela Raintree, a transgender woman who dared a lawmaker to stone her last January. Raintree decided to confront Councilman Ron Webb after he remained the single dissenting vote against the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance that passed in Shreveport, Louisiana, last December and then masterminded a repeal of the ordinance. After Raintree’s incredible speech, Webb rescinded his repeal.

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