June 19, 2018

"There was no FBI conspiracy against Trump. But agents loyal to Rudy Giuliani were eager to sink Hillary Clinton"

 Here’s what’s buried beneath that FBI report: How rogue agents sabotaged the Clinton campaign 


Everyone should remember that Rudy Giuliani played a significant role in the Trump presidential campaign and was especially visible during the last month or so. On Oct. 25, 2016, he made a couple of TV appearances in which he hinted broadly that the campaign had an October surprise coming.

On "Fox & Friends" he was asked if Trump had anything planned other than "inspiring rallies" and he said "yes" (at the 8:50 mark). When asked what that was, he responded this way:  
“Heh-heh-heh,” Mr. Giuliani laughed. “You’ll see.”
Appearing to enjoy his own coy reply, Mr. Giuliani resumed chuckling: “Ha-ha-ha.”
“When will this happen?” Ms. Earhardt asked.
“We got a couple of surprises left,” Mr. Giuliani said, smiling.
Later that day he appeared on another show and gleefully reiterated his claim. You can see it at the two-minute mark in the following video:

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