November 7, 2017

If You Don't VOTE Today You Have No Right to Complaint- Do Not Fall in Love with Politicians, They Bite

Please Vote today!! If you don't know the person running too well then vote for their party that is more than fine to do because we need to replace all the people backing this administration on the Paris agreement, return to coal which is being taken over by machines to elimniate workes and be able to make more of it. We need to stop the production of Nukes we don't need and paying for them with less ships and subs and worse of all with people getting social security, on people that need help with their enormous payments for health insurance. We need to get enough americans speak loud enough we don't want a million people killed (many of them Americanns) when Trump goes into North Korea. He will go because he has said so. He will go as the Mueller investigation gets closer to him. War makes people back their goverment, that is a historc truth.
This guy resigned after his relationship with the Kremlin was discovered.

vote for the flag not for monuments

Please Virginia, Do you need someone preocupied with monuments or your ecoomy and the direction of the GOP in your state?

New Jersey, isn't time you finish and cut the umbilical cord of Christie supplying support to those running on this election. You are needed to come back and help give this nation some sanity.

New York, I see so many polititcians that were rabidly anti gay four years ago and something is happened on this election. They are mainly GOP that are 100% politicians and they blow with the wind. They were never opposed to gays because they knew LGBT were no danger to them or anyone but it was still kinda popular with the GOP on the last election. Do You want someone Like that? Why not go anti GOP candidates down the line? I know I will.

If you don't vote you have NO right to criticize, bitch or get involved in the discussion of what we are doing for the people for the next four years. If you don't vote you have no right as a voter to criticize when you yourself would not use the tool given in this government based on the constitution that we change governments and what ever we don't like or keep what we have by the way of voting.

This message is been written and posted by adamfoxie blog's publisher, editorializing  the vote today.

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