July 28, 2012

Russia:Gays are Being Persecuted in St. Petersburg

Photo from RTFigures released from the St. Petersburg police department in Russia have revealed astonishingly that 73 people have been prosecuted for 'homosexual propaganda' since the city first introduced the ban earlier this year.
The disgustingly homophobic so called ‘homosexual propaganda’ ban came into force just four months ago. Proposed by Russia’s ruling United Russia party and adopted by St Petersburg's city assembly in February, the law is very ambiguous over what constitutes ’homosexual propaganda’. The authorities have aligned ‘homosexual propaganda’ in public alongside pedophile propaganda with fines of up to $15,600.
On Friday last week, St Petersburg police revealed so far that 73 people have been prosecuted for homosexual propaganda and one person for pedophile propaganda. Although St Petersburg Police did not reveal what the individuals had done to break the law or what fines were issued, and have so far refused to do so.
However eight of those convicted are thought to be the human rights activists arrested on July 7th when they ignore the city’s ban on gay pride marches. Another is said to be Nikolai Alekseyev who was arrested in May, his ’homosexual propaganda’ was simply holding up a banner quoting a Soviet actress which read, ‘homosexuality is not a perversity, perverse is hockey on grass and ballet on ice.'
Many activists and governments around the world have condemned the bill since its proposal and introduction. The US State Department said ‘We are deeply concerned by proposed local legislation in Russia that would severely restrict freedoms of expression and assembly for lesbian, gay, bisexual the band transgender individuals, and indeed all Russians,’ in a statement issued when the bill was first proposed last November.
Author: Jason Shaw 

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