July 24, 2012

650,000 Volt iphone Case } Ouch!


 Seth Froom was the victim of a violent robbery last summer. His response was to create theYellow Jacket, an iPhone case crossed with a Taser. The project is currently up on Ingiegogo for fundraising.

As far as stun guns go, the Yellow Jacket makes sense in that you are likely to have it with you at all times, in a convenient place where you can reach it when you need it.
However, you might be nervous about having 650,000 volts of electricity surging around your phone. Froom says that tests of the prototype have shown that calls stay connected during discharge.
Your next concern might be accidentally stunning your ear while having a conversation. There is both a safety switch and a safety cover to prevent that, but you'll want to handle this case a lot more carefully than you would, say, an Otterbox. It could be the most unpleasant butt-dial you've ever experienced.
 One interesting side effect of the Yellow Jacket is that the external battery can be used to power your iPhone for an additional 20 hours of standby battery life.
State and local laws on the ownership of stun guns can vary, so you'll want to check on legality and restrictions for your area.
The Yellow Jacket is a long way from reaching its $100,000 funding goal, but the early-bird $85 versions are already sold out. It will eventually retail for $125, but is currently going for $100 on Indiegogo.
Depending on your viewpoint, the Yellow Jacket may be either the cleverest or the most dangerous iPhone case ever invented. Perhaps we should reiterate. If you get one of these, be careful. Use it lawfully. Don't be a twit. 
(by Amanda Kooser ) 

ps: Prices are coming down. Several places have it for $85 so shop around (adamfoxie*)

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