September 18, 2017

McCain Chips Ad Bring Gay Couple A Storm of Abusive 'Hater' Messages

Gay couple sent barrage of homophobic abuse after being in McCain chips ad
Mat and Lee have been subjected to online abuse since the ad aired (Picture: YouTube/McCain)

A gay couple has been subjected to horrific abuse after appearing in an ad with their baby.
Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi from Manchester were featured in the new McCain chips and with their 19-month-old son, Carter.

It is a heartwarming ad about how all families are different but equally important to us.
Lee and Mat appear for a couple of seconds – along with single mums, working mums, stay-at-home mums, part-time custody dads, grandparents, adoptive parents, and many other so-called ‘non-traditional’ parents.

‘When it comes to family, what’s “normal”?’ it asks. ‘”Normal” isn’t normal.’
Gay dads featured in advert face horrific abuse online

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But since it aired, Lee and Mat have been inundated with shocking homophobic slurs.

‘One of the most hurtful compared us to perverts, saying “Whatever next, society accepting paedophiles?”‘ Lee, 35, told the Daily Record.

‘We are shocked this kind of attitude exists in the 21st century. We’re proud of our little family and we have nothing to be ashamed of.’
Lee and Mat, 31, agreed to do the ad after being approached by a modelling agency run by a friend’s mum.

Gay couple sent barrage of homophobic abuse after being in McCain chips ad
They appear with their 19-month-old baby son Carter (Picture: YouTube/McCain)

Trolls immediately attacked the ad, accusing McCain of ‘ramming’ marriage equality down viewers’ throats. Another called the ad ‘sickening’. 

But many came to the defence of the happy family.

‘Are you serious?’ one viewer commented. ‘Two men can’t raise kids together? I imagine you’d rather see the child parentless than with two dads.’
Another added: ‘It honestly blows my mind how people can watch an advert that’s actually nice and wholesome and hate on it? Why?

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