September 6, 2017

LGBT Pride March in Odessa Ukraine, with Jeers and a Military Escort

This event took place at the end of August 2017. I need to post this video to show how valiantly these men and women are to come out in the mists of putting their lives on the line. In countries that feel we are a minority that can be abused, we must convert the street into a StoneWall.

I know there are some of us feeling like we owe nothing to these LGBT on this video. They are on the other side of the globe for heaven's sake. In a country that denies all the freedom and rights,
to LGBT's. The only way to move ahead is by standing by each other and declaring we don't go down quietly because that guarantees we do go down and disappear like in the last century.
The Nazi's even after losing a war and being chased out of Europe after 1945 still unify whether is Germany, Argentina, or Charlestonville, USA.

The Alt. Right which practically is the same white guys except they like to wear suits instead of a hood and white sheets. They stick together against LGBTQ world wide. Just because one feels like not being 'a trouble maker' does not mean that the trouble is not coming to you and bite you in the azz in a very inconvenient way. The closet is no salvation either. The answer is if you can't or won't be out on the streets you need to back up in any way you can those that are on the streets.

Adam Gonzalez 🦊

 Matthew Colligan Nazi ✋supporter with WH present occupant👄

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