March 30, 2020

Test to Advise You On What To Do On COVID-19 from Apple

 Installing a 5500 bed hospital in Madrid for Covid-19

Apple is come up with a test in which you answer a few questions (without giving any personal information) and at the end of the very short questionaire it recommends wether you should look up your health provider.

I took the test and it gave me recomendations to rest and drink a lot of fluids, whch is what my doctor tells me when ever I see him. Nothing new here. It did not say I have it but because I have 3 underlying conditions it implied I should be tested but the main recomendation was for rest and taking a lot of fluids. If you take it, you can either share it with the rest of or not. The recomendations it gives are already things you might have heard or read from doctors.

Nothing new for me, but it might be different for you. This is just one more tool about a virus that keeps mutating. Yes, some cases are weaker but I understand from Korea that the Virus that hit Italy and is hitting us here tends to have mutated for a stronger virus.

In the United States we are behind the ball according to Korea Times because we started late in taking precautions but the worse is we don't have testing for everyone. If we did like Germany it will a different ball game and the U.S ahead of this virus.. In  Korea BUT PARTICUALRY GERMANY!! They know where the virus is and where is going. Germany that had a wonderful system to test came up with a test right away. Trump refused the tests from the World Health Organization (WHO)but wanted to quietly buy Germany's..When life and death is at stake money looses it's value very quickly!

 How strong it is and where are the weak mutations coming from?. The epidemic experts in Korea say that even a vaccine that was developed today would not help much today. This is because what any vaccine does which is kick your immune system into overtime to fight this particular virus. The virus is here so the vsccine wont help right now. The vaccines take months to have any effect on your immune system, that is why they suggest you get the flu vaccine months before the winter. That is to give your immune system 6 months or more to start fighting the disease. The efforts must be centralized in getting a med that helps those already sick and testing for all!!! 

Adamfoxie's opinion:

While in the U.S. the White House is busy running a reelection campaign it cannot do both: Fight a killer and make the President look good. He hasn't realized that the more people get sick and die, particualrly because the Federal government is been late on everything , since is only one man making the ultimate decisions, the worse he will look. He had a chance to be a saviour a hero..nature gave him that chance, but as usual his big ego in the center did not allow him to see it. He never saw it. Instead he is just a voice instructing the players to go here or go there, respirators to New York then pull them out because he found out NY had the ones not in used in a wearhouse. Where else would NY keep them particualry since the local governemnt is doing something Trump never did and is to prepare after the eye of the strorm is passed and PART II COMES IN.

This is the apple website:

COVID-19 Screening Tool

This tool can help you understand 
what to do next about COVID-19.
Let’s all look out for
 each other 
by knowing our status, 
trying not to infect others, 
and reserving care for those in need.

Last weekend, Google also launched
 a national website that provides users 
with information and alerts about the coronavirus.

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