June 14, 2017

Super Queer Kevin Spacey Makes Fun of Coming Out- Even Though He Still Closeted


Everyone that can remember the name Kevin Spacey knows he is as Queer as $3 dollar bill, except if there was one the President on it would have a head full of hair unlike him. Fake life, fake hair, I hope he knows who the hell he is. This number of coming out and reversing, making fun of it disrespects the anxiety and seriousness about not the event but the process that many of us have gone through. Not funny and not a joke. Most things can be made fun of but when is something that you are and were hiding it makes you a hypocrite and that is something this man is always been. Some might say he was showing what a good actor, a comedian he can be. The thing is there are plenty of great actors male and female and they don't go around making fun of something that it can be painful for some and life and death for others.
Kevin Space you have never been much help to the gay community you belong to whether you agree or not but guess what? WE did fine without you and will in the future.
Adam Gonzalez


He even dressed as Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard to sing “As If We Never Said Goodbye.” He took the moment to poke fun of the long-running speculation about his sexuality, singing, “I’m coming out — wait, no no no no.”

The number ended with a tap-dancing routine complete with top hats and canes. 
Spacey, who won a Tony in 1991, joked about his position as host ahead of the ceremony.
“I was their 2nd choice for Usual Suspects, 4th choice for America Beauty and 15th choice to host this year’s Tony Awards. I think my career is definitely going in the right direction,” joked Spacey in a statement. “Maybe I can get shortlisted to host the Oscars if everyone else turns it down.”
Spacey has a strong theater background: He won a Tony in 1991 for Best Supporting Actor in Neil Simon’s Lost in Yonkers. He has also starred in the Broadway and West End productions of Long Day’s Journey into Night and Richard III.
The 71st annual Tony Awards will air live June 11 on CBS from New York’s Radio City Music Hall. 

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