June 19, 2017

Ohio Schools District Employee Wishes Pride Have Deaths Like in Boston's Marathon

Columbus City Schools in Ohio announced Friday the district is working to terminate an employee who said this year’s Pride Parade and Festival should turn out like the Boston Marathon.
In a statement Friday, the district said:
I can share that the District is working toward his termination. More importantly, we are gearing up for an even larger contingent of teachers, staff, students, families and allies planning to march together at tomorrow’s Pride Parade. We are expecting well over 400 people – upward of 500 now as people positively respond to the immediate actions we took as a District following this employee’s unacceptable actions.
The post was made to a page dedicated to the event; the poster wrote, “I hope this event turns out like the Boston Marathon a few year’s (sic) back.” The post continues with, “All [LGBTQ people] should be killed or at least relocated.”
Image courtesy of WCMH
Columbus Police say they are looking into the post, and have informed Homeland Security which is now also getting involved.
When approached at their home Thursday, the poster refused to explain his comment, and acted surprised anyone was interested in it.

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