June 5, 2017

Donald Trump Your Snub on Gay Pride Has been Duly Noted

                           What a Change year makes. Hold on for much more, backwards

 The White House Last Year Under Previous President

Trump has already marked off June to honor homeownership, African-American music appreciation, the great outdoors, Caribbean-American heritage and even the ocean — but nothing so far to formally recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.
The snub’s been noticed.
“It’s shameful that the President of the United States has failed to recognize such a historically significant time for the LGBT community,” said David Kilmnick, CEO of the LGBT Network.
Shin Inouye, a one-time member of President Obama’s communications staff, tweeted Trump “couldn’t be bothered to issue a proclamation to recognize #LGBTPrideMonth. Given his record, maybe it’s for the best.”
 White House Filling it self with Russia Lovers and giving away the nations Secrets

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