September 17, 2015

Putin Closes Door on small NY blog [Mr. Putin “bring down this wall"]


As I post this story today I will like to tell you that adamfoxie blog International seems to have been blocked from Russian’s readers by the only entity that can do such a deed. Almost since this blog noticed that it had international readers (that’s when the name was changed about 2 yrs after its inception in 2009, adding “International” to adamfoxie*blog) Russia is always been there with it’s readers. When Putin decided to blame the gay community just like Germany was blaming the jews for its own made problems, adamfoxie was going through all communications, news castings and magazines on the net getting information about the abuse of gays there by the government and those that finally could show their bigotry toward other human beings. We posted pictures of gays being abused and injured by cops and so call tough guys (cowards) shoving, pushing gay guys whose crime was to hold hands or just be on the street. The numbers to those postings in Russia grew.

Then Putin decided to go into the Ukraine (which is also antigay and ignorant about their gay population) and again this blog published and editorialized what was happening there. The readers in Russia grew even to my surprise on a couple of occasions surpassing the readership in the USA which is always tops obviously because we write and post from there. Russia went from being ten or nine to being number one or two on the top ten nations on the hits recorded by Google statistics.

Last week after a story about Putin was published I noticed that Russia disappeared. It was just like a UFO again took it off the earth with its population and there was no one there to read a story on the net from a small net publication with not a small budget but with no budget and no paid employees from there in the United States. Ukraine was still showing like it had always but Russia the usual no. 2 on the list after the US was missing. Things like that just don’t happen. If readers are turned off to any site on the net it starts to trickle down, it just doesn’t disappear overnight which is what happened here. The memories from Egypt came to mind when the new government took over. No more postings from dissidents and stories from twitter, Facebook or Google. Egypt was also unplugged by the same UFO.

The answer is very simple and it does not require any type of expertise. This could not happen on any other country in which the government does not control the internet. Only a few nations like North Korea, Iran, Egypt and a few smaller nations can do this and now we know that Russia’s government has 100% full control of who reads what in that nation. Again those that know a little history will remember how this happened* in Germany only a few decades ago.

The question is why would a big nation with the capability to destroy the world a few times over will be bothered with a little blog in the United States? The reason is obvious and simple. Mr. Putin his already shown that he is very sensitive about what people think and say about him. This is not a well educated man that came to be the President for life not because his abilities as a speaker and educator   official of a University or a political famous (not infamous) institution or think tank. This is a man that was a spy for the KGB and not a mayor player either. Just someone in the middle that knew when opportunity knocked and was able to use the political system in place to eliminate all systems for his; From a new nation that just had been opened up to the world with the fall of the Soviet Union to the nation is now. They were new to the open world out of a century of blind darkness controlled by the government  that believed that it could not afford any criticism that might make them look bad being that they came into power with lies mixed with half truths about the government they were replacing. They could not afford ideas that could pop up by knowledge.

They (Putin’s government) felt that people don’t have the smarts to hear both sides and pick the best one. They wanted the people to believe they were the best choice because they wanted the power at any cost and were not about to take any chances or gamble that might leave their power in the hands of people that didn’t know how to pick a government or unseat a government, except by revolution and violence.

The point being that any criticism big or small has the same weight with them because the big criticism and the big change is born out of a few contrary ideas, a few arguments a few opinions based on free ideas, small change. I guess a little blog in the US has power to hurt them because it will let a few people read what others are saying. As far as they believe any small publication that is read by a couple hundred people has a lot of power because 100 or 200 hundred can easily double or triple into 500 or 600 and once you have that many people exposed to different or factual events they don’t even need the blog because once ideas become engrained on people’s mind is very hard to erase them.

This is what totalitarian government tend to think but is not always true. Russia is big with lots of people and sooner or latter if those people feel repressed it wont be a small idea or freedom of information that will bring change.

I hope Mr. Putin would  ease up and “bring down this wall” This blog is not here to hurt anyone and if the government were to give us their view point we would publish it too. This blog at times is been critical of our own government. If we are not a danger to our government how can we be a danger to a distant one. We know how small we are but because our size we have more freedom to publish the truth as we sees it. All we do most of the time is bring writers and publications from around the globe and post their writing here to help illuminate any issue we feel needs more coverage or a different angle of coverage.

Adam Gonzalez

*controlling and burning of books 

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