September 25, 2015

Putin Calls Elton John for Real and Russian Readers are Back

 Putin whispers to then president. Bush-Bush the man who saw Putin’s heart (statement from Bush) and saw he had a good heart.

On Sept. 17, 2015 we reported at this blog that all of our Russian readers had disappeared overnight. [].
The Russian readers had become for many days the number two audience after the United States. There was no reason for this except that someone had turned off the flow somewhere. It was easy for me to assumed it had to come from President Putin’s government. Not that Putin himself would even know of us but there are always zealots in every government who feel personally offended when the head of their government is harshly criticized. President Putin wa criticized because he had brought homophobia to Russia like never before. He has picked a minority of Russian citizens and made them scape goats because of the way they are and how were they were born. People that are being abused everyday by humiliating cat calls, beatings and cannot come out as who they are, gay.

President Putin was also criticized for going into the Ukraine which he denies and the rest of the world knows it to be true. Based on that criticism I had a very educated guess of where the closure of our flow to Russia was coming from. Who would have the power to cut off an audience of readers in a nation? I asked.

It is now I happily report this situation has changed. Russian readers again are popping up as sudden as they disappeared . We could not be happier!

This incident is in the past and now we look forward hopping that even if we are no longer here the Russian people would be free to have access to a free internet.

Welcome to those Russian readers we love you and we hope you find our stories interesting wether they are about their land or New York City where this blog is published.

 радушный прием

 Elton John, gay singer and father

On another note from dealing from president Putin and an English gay singer who wants to see gay Russians be free.

 UPI is reporting Russian President Vladimir Putin phoned music icon Elton John Thursday to discuss gay rights in his country—this time for real.

The news comes a week after John admitted that he was the victim of a hoax after expressing that he wanted to talk to the Russian leader about his "ridiculous" attitude towards the LGBT community.

Two Russian comedians, Vladimir Krasnov and his sidekick Alexey Stolyarov had prank called the singer acting as Putin. This prompted John to celebrate the news on Instagram and caused Russian officials to deny the conversation ever took place.
Now however, the Kremlin decided it would be a good idea to get into contact with the 68-year-old veteran crooner.

"Putin spoke with Elton John," the president's spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, told The New York Times on Thursday after Mr. Putin held a meeting at Russia's agro-industrial complex in Semikarakorsk. "Putin called and said: 'I know that you were pranked by the telephone guys — don't be upset with them, they're harmless, although that, without doubt, does not justify them.'"

Mr. Peskov added: "Putin said that he knows what a popular performer Elton John is, and in the future, if their schedules coincide, he will be ready to meet with him and discuss any questions that are of interest."

Gary Farrow, a spokesman for Elton John, declined to comment on the matter. (UPI)

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