September 27, 2015

Resuscitation! I want this monkey as tech if an Ambulance is needed

 Bullfighter’s remorse

The power of love towards of those like us is believed by many as a gift only humans posses. Actually some would say that to be a major test point to see if someone is really human; This is because some humans will kills others without hesitation and without any signs of guilt or just feeling sorry for their victims. Some in the Psychiatric field call these type of humans, as psychopaths.

I wonder what those same people would say about this film. It has been established that some species of animals not many, would try to help their fellow animals if they are in trouble. How much trouble and time one of those animals would spend on a task of helping another is been documented as temporary and not after death seems to have occurred. Only the human species and usually only by those trained in resuscitation would attempt to bring someone back after he or she is been hit by a car, heart attack, shock or is been electrocuted.

During past times before we became knowable of the medical actions we could take to help someone who seems to be dead or dying of an accident, people would let their conciseness or the memory of something they had seen in the past as the driving engine in throwing themselves into this task. Not an easy thing to attempt. One needs to be beyond brave and only care about bringing this life back regardless of what is going on around them. Now a days in certain areas you could be charged with manslaughter if the coroner testifies that the person was unconscious and it was probably the actions of the helping hand that might have cause death.

I want to show you this video that will probably touch you. You know if something happens once chances are that it’s happened before. I would like you to think about animals we call dumb or lower than us. The animals we use in  labs, zoos and cabins with their paws or head hanging as trophies and as entertainment for a more advanced species. There are even books some call holy that openly ask for the sacrifice of innocent animals.  With what purpose, as a symbol? Then why not lets do it symbolically without killing anything? I hope it brings everyone down a peg or two and instead will make people think of protecting those that we call inferior or lower than us in the chain of the world and human evolution.

Adam Gonzalez  


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