September 7, 2015

Bigot/homophobe Westboro Bap.Church Comes After Homophobe-self centered Kim Davis

Hold on Junior! this story can unglue any sinning christian! When I came aware of the Westboro Baptist church coming out after kim Davis with a vengeanc I needed to find out why this was happening. If not for my own knowledge then for my own humor and posting of facebook

To my surprise the homophobes/bigots of Westboro church have a point. I mean if you are going to follow the scriptures in a very cynical, non spiritual, factual way in which it is written, then a lot of christians which hold the bible this way when it comes to gays then you most hold their feet to the fire when they plainly disobey the bible.  More importantly, the part of the bible Kim Davis disobeys is been part of many religions over centuries including the Jews and those who follow a prophet for which you can’t print cartoons (you know which) and a god name Jehovah which destroyed animals and humans because he was upset. 
What I mean is we are not talking about a few passages which can be attributed of what was happening at the time rather than in modern times which has different needs and laws but a corner stone of most all religions that recognized marriage between two people. 

Check out the tweets below and see about this particular sin and what the West-Bores are saying about it and Kim Davis:
“Divorce” is the sin. The same one the Kennedy’s had to pay the Catholic Church to be called Annulled instead of divorce. Even today in the Hebrew religion a woman cannot divorce a man unless granted by a rabbi in which the husband, not the wife most consent.
For more on this story, click Westboro Baptist Church Now Has Kim Davis In Their Hate-Fueled Sights by Addicting Info.

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