November 16, 2014

What’s happening on adamfoxie*blog on weekends? Do We take time off?

Hello to answer the second question first, this blog is always open. ON weekends because the lack of help( can’t pay. The little money from the commercials don’t cover much- if you can do your holidays shopping through Amazon thru here and buy the jewelry thru the two brand name factories that make gay jewelry, regular jewelry but on Gay jewelry they do make contributions to this blog and orgs working for gay rights. The list can be made available from them)welllll on weekend, particularly Sundays we;; do less stories but could be in deph or it  could be what we heard on the news that morning 

(I hope not) well things we can post and expand on we r affected by it on is what I meant. No Talking heads, Nothing to put you to sleep

It will probably be issues of importance to inform everyone. Like our system of energy, your health, breakthroughs or ways to get help. You can also suggest a subject you would want covered that goes with our integrity promise to you. or you can send us one. Go ahead get involved..I dare you!

Well enjoy this sunday. We started off with an 18 minutes documentary on what’s happening  now that can put us on the pike to WWlll. On Page 9

Second there is a new break through for HIV……We can see the death of this killer at the end of this long tunnel. Page 6

Well it doesn’t sound too bad. I as publisher will have a little more time to make me do something that pays wages or try to keep a relationship cooking.  The relationship is hard to keep since he lives in another country but we have plans. A son of American Serviceman (Navy), the ones they make and leave behind. At list this one he gave his name so he is not legally without a father just not a father in person…Father disappeared. Some will involve miracles in our plans and the problems around it ....instead… If you don’t believe in miracles you could send us a contribution to the wedding which will be return if there is no wedding. You can send check, Pay pal or Google wallet . If you have information of how to get a father still in the navy with a son left behind, let me know. I got information on it but not sources yet.. Just get in touch with me through here or our customer service line at Make sure you have a tittle to the email. I will follow up anyway you want to hear from me, Txt, email or telephone.
Well Enjoy sundays with me I still be hooked to the waves of adamfoxie to publish any emergency that might affect us. Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading us. That is the reason Ive stayed because I don’t want to disappoint a big loyal readership on the uS and an always growing readership in at least 10 other countries Some of them cannot use computers. They get adamfoxie on smart phones. I tried to make it easy when I discovered it and have stayed from putting commercials on the phone app. of this blog

Sincerely and humbly yours,

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