February 26, 2013

Cardinal Keith and Gay Priests and an Outspoken Gay ex-Theologian

THE Vatican has yet to open as a gay nightspot in Old Compton Street. The Catholic Church is not yet undone by rumours of homosexuality in the Pope’s palace. The Vatican’s spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, maintains the line that such stories of gay sex amongst the prelates is salacious gossip and has nothing to do with Benedict XVI’s decision to resign:
We are indebted to Vatican Radio’s English translation, which makes the Father appear more than a little verbose:
There is no lack, in fact, of those who seek to profit from the moment of surprise and disorientation of the spiritually naive to sow confusion and to discredit the Church and its governance, making recourse to old tools, such as gossip, misinformation and sometimes slander, or exercising unacceptable pressures to condition the exercise of the voting duty on the part of one or another member of the College of Cardinals, who they consider to be objectionable for one reason or another.
Ashe’s talking, one former priest and three serving priests at the diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh claim Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s most senior Catholic clergyman, behaved inappropriately towards them three decades ago. The four told all to Antonio Mennini, the Vatican’s ambassador to Britain a week before the Pope resigned. O’Brien is schedule to retire in March this year.
One of the four is quoted:
“It tends to cover up and protect the system at all costs. The church is beautiful, but it has a dark side and that has to do with accountability. If the system is to be improved, maybe it needs to be dismantled a bit.”
Should we expect a rush of sex scandals?
Says one priest, who alleges O’Brien made unwelcome advances to him:
“I knew then he would always have power over me. It was assumed I left the priesthood to get married. I did not. I left to preserve my integrity.”
Others claim that invitations to”night prayers” were a cover for other kinds of  kneeling.
Says the aforesaid ex-priest:
“You have to understand, the relationship between a bishop and a priest. At your ordination, you take a vow to be obedient to him. He’s more than your boss, more than the CEO of your company. He has immense power over you. He can move you, freeze you out, bring you into the fold … he controls every aspect of your life. You can’t just kick him in the balls.”
But why wait until now to speak out? One explanation is that they want the conclave electing the new pope to be “clean”.  The Book of Ecclesiastes might help: 
To everything there is a season… a time to keep silence and a time to speak.
Note: Is the solution to have married priests? Damien Thompson notes:
Recently, I was at a dinner party attended by a distinguished monsignor. The elegant red-haired lady sitting next to me introduced herself. “I’m Gill,” she said. “The monsignor’s wife.”Gill Newton, a schoolteacher, is married to Mgr Keith Newton, who holds the title of protonotary apostolic – the highest rank of monsignor in the Roman Catholic Church. As head of the Ordinariate, the structure set up by Pope Benedict for ex-Anglicans, he is almost a bishop: he wears a mitre and conducts confirmations. He and Gill have three grown-up children.
The Catholic Church in England has been ordaining married ex-Anglican clergy in significant numbers since 1992, when the C of E voted for women priests. It’s no longer much of a novelty for a parish to have a married man in charge, though he can’t technically hold the title of parish priest. There are well over 100 Catholic priests’ wives in England – and, on the whole, folk in the pews are happy.
{The editorial}Fr Joseph Ratzinger pictured in 1959
Times change…
But let me ask: Where is the outrage??? These are men, particularly this pope and and this Cardinals that have said awful things about gay people. Knowing that they employ not just gay people but pedophiles of both sexes. They themselves have been implicated with same sex allegations.  There have always been jokes about these bunch of guys ever having sex and opposed for you to in the privacy of your bathroom to even jerk off. They oppose all that and most people, particularly men have always smile when talking about this. But this is no longer a joke nor allegations. You have a pope resigning over this and a cardinal. It doesn’t get higher than that unless god himself came down and said he was a homosexual and now wanted to resign. 
I see no sense of shock or wonder. This is bigger than the miracle of Jesus appearing on a man’s toast. We don’t even know if another cardinal would fall. The only ones that quietly are having a good times are the evangelicals because Apocalypse talks about the white horse and the man on the white horse with a sword. And you have the points holding the church falling. Have you notice the little points on their weenies and the number of cardinals. These things have meaning and were well thought out. they’ve had centuries to put their show together. The protestant talks about the beast and anti Christ and quietly believe it comes from the vatican. They wont tell you unless you get on a one to one with one of their theologians. The only thing that doesn’t have meaning is when they abusing their power grows to the point in which people get fed up and hold the money and then they fall.  Because that is the only thing holding them where they are. You can say Im a partisan but I see myself as just a person watching what’s going on. Yes, I am a Theologian, but that is a certification I don’t use.  Only when Im questioned about my qualifications, which is fair enough.  But on this show going on you don’t need to even have a sixth grade diploma to see, to wonder, to ask. 
One rule we can follow, those that spent lots of treasure, time and other resources to bring a whole generation of children, young people, men and women and grand ma and gradpa’s that are gay. They have said the most despicable things. Why? Homophobia. The fear. The fear that they are like those and the only way to stay away from that sin is to step on it and kill it,. ..and killing they’ve done through the last century. 
Now things change because we are in a time in which people know other people. You can’t say all the Russians all look like bears, Japanese are 3 ft tall and the chinese are not smart and only know how to cook and wash and iron. We know how the people in the most distant part of the earth look like and if we get interested we even learn what they eat and how they sleep. The technology today has made people that like the truth get to know the truth and you can’t come selling snake oil for a cure. You can sell them cell phones that don’t work but those things are minor things that pass and only make people smarter for the next time. 
People do want to have a faith. I am a critic of religion but not a killer of religion because I know some people need it just like I need spirituality in my days to make it through. We all need something even if some of us don’t believe in god. That’s ok….it takes a lot to believe in a god that makes so many mistakes, no wonder it says we were made to his image. But let me finish this posting by asking you if you think what is happening is a sign of what is going on behind the golden gates and the diamond rings. What is going on? Are you a complicit that gives money to all these religious organizations that use most of the money to destroy other people instead of helping. Why not give it to non religious orgs that spend not 80% which is suppose to be the tops, but to find or form the ones that use at least 90% of what they get in the mission they promise they are doing. Open books, no million dollar salaries. You can help to bring the tyranny down and have the people that you feel have the heart to do what you think it needs to be done for the goodness of us all. Thank you for readingAdam Gonzalez, publisher of Adamfoxie*

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