March 21, 2017

Your 2017 New Adamfoxie Blogger Design

Thank you for being with this blog for another year. For the old timers you know we change our design every year. Blogger thru Google is good enough to give us the choice to pick the main design and we get to pick everything else. Fonts, colors, logos, commercials, how much space and lay out.

The intention is not to make it pretty but to make it useful for you. There are people that can’t see colors well and we try to use the best available colors that if something is missed to the eye in blue you can see it down the line in white. That way you get the essence of the posting.

Please bear with us because this is just the first week of changes and more needs to be added. Any suggestion will be taken very seriously. 

We are only here because you visit and read our reports. The promise has always been, we don’t post when there is nothing worthwhile to post and we wont post to ghosts readers. These follows our guidelines of what can or cannot be posted. We do post daily
We don’t post what everyone else is posting or at least not in the same way.

Keep coming back and I and those that help will keep making it better for you. Things will be in different parts of the blog but everything is there or at least will be there when we are finished.



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