March 12, 2017

If you Register for Free…..

If you email register to get adamfoxie blog International this is what you will NOT get:

* Ads from us or anybody we do business with
* Your privacy invaded by anybody we are associated with
* Nothing that is not the headlines for the freshest stories we publish
* Articles matching any event for which there is plenty of coverage
* No Spamming
*Not giving or selling any information from you (we will have no information on you)

What you will get:

*Free headlines every time we publish 
* The freshest headlines
* What we have written and the author of the article on current events, giving priority to important LGBT articles       
* Articles from all over the world from main media and known or employed by main media writers
* Continued free service no matter what changes occur in our blogging magazine 
* Our blog does not have the capability to know who you are including your email. When you email register you do not supply your email to us and we would not use any application(s )to uncover this. This would violate our mission and our license with Google. ‘Blogger' owned by Google will secure your information and they promise privacy for your account and no spamming.
* You will get our stories ahead of being sent to other sites (Facebook, Tweeter, etc.,). Exception might be breaking news of national importance.

Adamfoxie does not write or publish every important news every time it happens on a news cycle. 
If there is plenty of coverage we will not repeat what others are saying. The exception would be if we can get a different angle to the story. Exception to this rule is if something is happening and for the sake of history we want it in our magazine also (does not happens often). Adamfoxie publishes every day so far for the last 8yrs.

We have a perpetual  open library blog. This means everything that has been published can still be found in the order of date and label *label is at the end of every story and it has to do with what the headlines says but condensed in a few words that can be easily searched.
We scan the world over for the most interesting but import news that we feel everyone should know but particularly the LGBT community. We do not use the LGBT media to write or post their stories. We have become adult enough in 8 yrs to have our sources and doors that we can use to bring you what is important FOR US.


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