March 18, 2017

Fl Suprme Ct Allows Men-Men Sexual Intercourse to be Sex-How to believe Ur Partner

Don’t call them homosexuals, call them in love (photo translation)…… in Florida, they are not able to have sexual intercourse

As I read this story in two different publications, one in Miami and on in the Keys. I noticed the two describe the story with different facts,  the full story is easily understood if you reed the two on line publications. It happens all the time. So I will give you the main points Im making by publishing this important article and what it should mean to us. Publisher

  • Florida is a backwards state as far as the government is, I  lived there for 17 yrs., I know.  It was back then and still today. Most of the people there also know it too,  that is why I don’t think I’m offending too many people there, particularly when I tell you why Im saying this. “Sexual intercourse according to the law is only between a man and a woman.” Which means intercourse between men is not recognized. There cannot be rape between two man or just simple sex. It’s impossible according to this old law still in the books and still used.       You will learn more on this article.
  • Sometimes when we want to believe something is true, we see as true (and the opposite). We need to go by facts and facts do not become facts until checked. Even if you can’t get someone medical records there other ways. There ways to find out if a document has been change. One way it to show to your doctor and he/she can give you an idea the way the report reads. Accepting one page is not good enough. My ex and I used to go to Doctor’s appointments together sometimes, particularly at the beginning of the relationship. He was aware of my medical condition as I told it to him and I was aware of his. Once you tell your doctor he/she will agree in most states. Medical history belongs to you and you can share it with whomever you decide.
  • If your partner is secretive as you try to get to know him/her then is on you to go in that place with your eyes closed. Secretive partners do not become more open with time but less and will used the secretive history to justify the way he/she is. It took me years to learn my ex partner was bipolar. The questions I asked of him he made up the answers as he went along. Still because he was lying when he didn’t have too I should have attributed that to a bigger problem. I just loved him and wanted to see someone wonderful. It was until it was too late when I could no longer put up with it and it took 5 years for me to not want to spend one more day with him not even in separate room in the same house. This was the beginning in my becoming for my first time homeless and I spent all the money I had in living in a motel.       We had house and land, horse, animals, all, acquired thru me. Is taken years to get out of that hole and I have.. but some mistakes last forever on our time here. It’s not too difficult to do things right. No need to be offensive or put up stupid walls that you will probably wont feel too good when you are old (hopefully not fat too, yes I said fat-it kills just like cigarette smoking), and you find yourself lonely and no one seems to want you and the one you want will shake hands but that is all they will touch and not too hard.   Adam GonzalezPublisher
A 2011 case in which a Key West man is charged with knowingly risking infecting his partner with the HIV virus after forging medical records may move forward now that the Florida Supreme Court has ruled on the legal definition of sex.

Gary Debaun, 65, allegedly risked his partner with the virus that causes AIDS and a legal definition of sexual intercourse can’t get him out of the charge, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a six-page decision based solely on whether intercourse is defined as only sex between a man and a woman.

“The term ‘sexual intercourse’ is commonly understood to broadly refer to several sex acts — including the sexual act at issue here,” according to the court ruling. “In certain contexts, the term refers to specifically — that is, more narrowly, to penile-vaginal intercourse.”

The Monroe County State Attorney’s Office plans to revive the case against Debaun, who was arrested Aug. 11, 2011, after his partner called police to report Debaun had known he had HIV but presented a phony lab report that said he wasn’t.

“We have been anxiously awaiting the Florida Supreme Court’s decision and now can proceed once again with our prosecution against Mr. Debaun,” said Assistant State Attorney Colleen Dunne.

Debaun is charged with a third-degree felony for unlawful sexually transmission of a disease. It carries no minimum prison term upon conviction.

Debaun’s then-partner, identified in court records only as C.M., had asked Debaun to provide him with a lab report confirming he was not HIV-positive before consenting to sex. Nothing in the court record says C.M. contracted HIV.

During a recorded phone call with police listening in, Debaun(pictured above) admitted everything, according to prosecutors.

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the 2013 ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeal, which had overturned Judge Wayne Miller’s decision to toss the case based on the defense team’s argument that Florida’s legal definition of sexual intercourse didn’t apply to the same-sex couple’s relations.

But the Supreme Court said the Legislature created the statute to reduce the spread of HIV and wouldn’t have written a law meant to only apply to heterosexuals and ignore the group most severely affected by the disease, gay and bisexual men.

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