March 31, 2017

Daniel Newman of Walking Dead ‘Comes Out Gay'

Newman, who plays Daniel in the hit AMC show, shared the news on Twitter and Instagram before posting a YouTube video in which he explained his decision to speak publicly about his sexuality.

In the video, Newman, who has also appeared in Sex And The City and The Vampire Diaries, told fans that it was “just time” to be open about his sexuality.

He proceeded to explain that helping at a centre for homeless young people had been the catalyst for his decision to come out. When a young woman at the centre thanked him for supporting the LGBTQ community, presuming the actor was heterosexual, Newman corrected her by saying he is gay. She then asked why he hadn’t spoken publicly about his sexuality.

“It hit me like a gut punch. It felt like someone knocked the wind out from me,” Newman recalled. “And I realised how important it is in this day and age to be visible – to let people who know you are.”

Explaining why he feels it’s important for high profile LGBTQ people to come out, Newman added: “When you’re accomplishing incredible things and you’re hiding who you are, you are hurting hundreds of millions of people.”

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