March 12, 2017

Planning a Trip? Here Are 77 Countries Were Being Gay is Illegal

 No.64 Jamaica. Here the laws and many of it’s citizens have gone after the LGBT Community in deadly ways even though it is close to the USA and has roots to a Gay friendly west.

By staying away from these countries not only impacts your amount of safety if you are LGBT but it also impacts the money they get to prosecute and persecute gays. In some of these countries it wont matter much but in others in which tourism is very important you could be sending a message, particularly if you go thru the process of letting your travel agent or their turism office know why you wont go there. But if you just avoid it they will feel a pinch and will figure out from where is coming from. Only you can make the choice and the information provided here is to help you make a good choice for you. 


1 Algeria
2 Angola
3 Botswana
4 Burundi
5 Cameroon
6 Comoros
7 Egypt
8 Eritrea
9 Ethiopia
10 Gambia
11 Ghana
12 Guinea
13 Kenya
14 Liberia
15 Libya
16 Malawi (enforcement of law suspended)
17 Mauritania
18 Mauritius
19 Morocco
20 Namibia
21 Nigeria
22 Senegal
23 Sierra Leone
24 Somalia
25 South Sudan
26 Sudan
27 Swaziland
28 Tanzania
29 Togo
30 Tunisia
31 Uganda
32 Zambia
33 Zimbabwe

Asia, including the Middle East

34 Afghanistan
35 Bangladesh
36 Bhutan
37 Brunei
38 Daesh (or ISIS / ISIL)
39 India
40 Iran
41 Iraq
42 Kuwait
43 Lebanon (law ruled invalid in one court)
44 Malaysia
45 Maldives
46 Myanmar
47 Oman
48 Pakistan
49 Palestine/Gaza Strip
50 Qatar
51 Saudi Arabia
52 Singapore
53 Sri Lanka
54 Syria
55 Turkmenistan
56 United Arab Emirates
57 Uzbekistan
58 Yemen


59 Antigua & Barbuda
60 Barbados
61 Dominica (But see “Dominica leader: No enforcement of anti-gay law” )
62 Grenada
63 Guyana
64 Jamaica
65 St Kitts & Nevis
66 St Lucia
67 St Vincent & the Grenadines
68 Trinidad & Tobago

In the United States, anti-sodomy laws were ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003, but they are still on the books in 13 states: Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina,  Texas, Utah and Virginia. Conservative state legislators refuse to repeal the laws and, in some cases, police still enforce them.  In the past several years more than a dozen LGBT people were arrested for violating those laws, but the arrestees were freed because prosecutors won’t seek convictions based on defunct laws.


69 Cook Islands
70 Indonesia (Aceh Province and South Sumatra)
71 Kirbati
72 Papua New Guinea
73 Samoa
74 Solomon Islands
75 Tonga
76 Tuvalu


No country in Europe has a law against homosexuality. The last European location with such a law was Northern Cyprus (recognized as a country only by Turkey), which repealed its law in January 2014.

Also in Europe and worth mentioning but not on the list of countries with laws against homosexuality are:

Russia, which enacted an anti-“gay propaganda” law in 2013 prohibiting any positive mention of homosexuality in the presence of minors, including online;
Lithuania, which has a similar law; in 2015, it considered but has not yet adopted a further law that would impose fines for any public display that “defies traditional family values.”
Ukraine, which considered such a law in 2012 and 2013, did not adopt it and seems to have dropped the issue.
Moldova, which adopted and then repealed such a law in 2013.
Belarus, which was discussing such a law in early 2016.
In addition, in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan in October 2014 was on the verge of adopting an anti-“gay propaganda” law harsher than that in Russia. If that bill becomes law, any type of distribution of positive information on same-sex relations, not just discussions in the presence of a minor, would become a crime punishable by fines and a jail sentence.  In Kazakhstan, both house of parliament passed a bill “On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development,” but the Constitutional Council rejected it in May 2015, saying that the wording was too vague.

As noted above, Libya and Nigeria also have anti-“gay propaganda” laws in addition to their laws outlawing same-sex intimacy.

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