March 1, 2017

HRC to Closeted GOP: U Can’t be with us in Bed and Against Us at CPAC

An excerpt from the HRC’s CPAC Grindr ad, Photo: Reddit
The Human Rights Campaign lit a fire under closeted Republicans who attended CPAC last week, trolling them on Grindr with a series of targeted ads.
The ads popped up in Alexandria as the conservative conference was underway, telling attendees who logged onto the app: “You can’t be with us in the hotel room and against us in the CPAC ballroom.” 
A fullscreen version of the ad was posted to Reddit:

HRC CPAC ad, Photo: Reddit
HRC’s ad comes after the Trump administration announced it would remove Obama-era guidance that instructed schools to treat transgender students in accordance with their gender identity, particularly with regards accessing restrooms and other facilities.
LGBTQ rights groups — and even Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner — criticized the move for needlessly targeting and endangering trans youth.
Closeted Republicans hit the headlines last year at the Republican National Convention, with male sex workers in Cleveland reporting a significant increase in business as the GOP crowned Donald Trump as the party’s nominee.

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