March 5, 2017

Gay 90’s Heartthrob Tommy Page Found Dead He Was 46

Gay ’90s Pop Heartthrob Tommy Page Found Dead At 46

The “I'll Be Your Everything" singer is survived by his partner and three children   

Best known for his No. 1 1990 single “I’ll Be Your Everything,” singer-songwriter and music industry executive Tommy Page was found dead March 3 of an apparent suicide, Billboard reports. He was 46. Page ultimately recorded nine studio albums and toured throughout his career, but he also found success as a music exec. He worked at Warner Bros./Reprise Records and then joined Billboard as a publisher. He later worked at Pandora and most recently served as VP of music partnerships at the Village Voice.
 Tommy Page
Paul Natkin/WireImage
Page performed as the opening act on tour for pop stars New Kids on the Block and Tiffany in 1989. It was during this tour that he wrote what would become his biggest hit, “I’ll Be Your Everything,” with NKOTB members Jordan Knight and Danny Wood. Donnie Wahlberg, along with Knight, also co-produced the track.
 Page memorably appeared in a 1992 episode of Full House, serenading Stephanie at her 10th birthday party and flirting with DJ.
Billboard also reports that Page is survived by his partner, Charlie, and their three children

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