October 22, 2016

Banker Met a Constable on Grindr Killed and Cooked Parts of Him

This killer takes his time comparing buckets into which dump parts of a corpse

An on-duty police officer in London was allegedly killed by his Grindr date, who then disposed of the body by dissolving it in an “acid bath” inspired by the TV show “Breaking Bad.”

Stefano Brizzi allegedly posted an ad for “hot, dirty, sleazy” sex on the gay dating app Grindr, and officer PC Gordon Semple, who was in a relationship but described by prosecutor Crispin Aylett as “sexually promiscuous,” responded looking for an “extreme” encounter of “domination, bondage and much else besides.” That “much else besides,” unfortunately, ended up being his death.

Brizzi confessed to strangling Semple to death after police were called because neighbors were complaining of a horrible smell coming from his apartment. He had told other residents he had been cooking for a friend in town, but in reality he was dissolving Semple’s body in a bath of acid, something he reportedly was inspired to do after watching “Breaking Bad.” Police entered to find Brizzi in nothing but underwear and goggles, and “globules of flesh” floating in a plastic tub.

“I’ve tried to dissolve the body,” Brizzi allegedly told an officer. “I’ve killed a police officer. I killed him last week. I met him on Grindr and I killed him. Satan told me to.”

However, jurors are now being told Brizzi is saying the whole thing was “a sex game gone wrong.” Simple and Brizzi had reportedly invited other men to the apartment that day to participate in a sex and drug orgy, but only one man showed up. According to Brizzi, he rang the intercom at the exact moment Semple was being throttled to death.

“I was right in the middle of strangling Gordon,” Brizzi is said to have told police. “I said to — he was right there at the door — and I said to him, ‘Look, this is not the right time now, people are falling ill and it’s a mess.'” Brizzi then told him the party was canceled, and the man left and returned home.

Brizzi’s reported “obsession” with “Breaking Bad” goes beyond his method of disposing of Semple’s body. He also — surprise — is a crystal meth addict, which in part cost him his old job at Morgan Stanley. He also allegedly told a support group “he believed in the Devil, and liked ‘satanic rituals’ which involved having sex over the sign of the pentagon.”

Prosecutor Aylett told jurors they would need “broad minds and strong stomachs” during the trial.

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Before dissolving his body in a bath of acid, the Old Bailey heard.

Stefano Brizzi, 50, allegedly murdered PC Gordon Semple at his Bermondsey flat after meeting through gay dating app Grindr for “extreme” sadomasochistic sex.

After strangling the 59-year-old officer, Brizzi used a saw to chop up the body, disposing of some parts in the River Thames, the court heard.

When neighbours complained of a “revolting” smell coming from the flat, police were called and caught Brizzi trying to dispose of the rest of the body.

“Inside the flat, the officers were met with a sight that must have been beyond anything for which they had been trained”, said prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC.

“In the bathroom, the bath was full of what turned out to be acid."

The body of PC Gordon Semple was found after he went missing (Metropolitan Police)
Mr Aylett added that flesh was found in the bath.

He added: "On the bathroom floor were plastic buckets containing human remains.”

Quizzed about what happened, Brizzi allegedly told the officer: “I’ve tried to dissolve the body...I’ve killed a police officer.

“I killed him last week. I met him on Grindr and I killed him. Satan told me to.”

Mr Aylett warned the jury as he opened the case: “The nature of the evidence, I am afraid, is such as to call for strong stomachs as well as broad minds.”

The court heard Brizzi invited PC Semple, from Greenhithe, Dartford, to his flat on the Peabody Estate in Southwark Street on April 1, despite him being on duty.

Mr Aylett said the officer was openly gay and in a relationship, but was “sexually promiscuous” and used Grindr to meet other men.

He said: “The sexual activity that followed might be of an extreme nature: domination, bondage, and much else besides. It is also the case that drugs were often involved.”

PC Semple went to meet Brizzi on April 1, texting that he was “free now for hot dirty sleazy session”, and together they invited others to a gay sex orgy.

Mr Aylett said two men said they were interested in joining in, but one was put off by the possible use of drugs.

Mr Aylett said an associate of Brizzi told police he was a fan of hit TV show Breaking Bad.

"Stefano Brizzi had been obsessed with the American television show Breaking Bad", he told the jury.

"In the series a chemistry teacher named Walter White starts producing crystal meth.

"At first this is done to pay for medical care but he soon decades into the criminal underworld - after poisoning a rival White ends up dissolving the body in acid."

Jurors have heard Brizzi was hooked on crystal meth and had lost his job at Morgan Stanley when the drugs were affecting his lifestyle.

The other man, known in court as CD, arrived at Brizzi’s home later in the afternoon, but when he pressed the buzzer he was told: “We are having a situation here. Someone fell ill but we’re taking care of it. So our party is cancelled.”

Mr Aylett said: “CD must have arrived at the front door of the block at the very point at which Gordon Semple was meeting his death inside the defendant’s flat.”

The court heard that Brizzi later told the police: “I was right in the middle of strangling Gordon and I said to - he was right at the door - and I said to him: ‘Look, this is not the right time now, people are falling ill on drugs and it’s a mess’.

“Over the next few days, the defendant’s neighbours became increasingly conscious of a revolting smell that was coming from the defendant’s flat.”

The discovery of PC Semple’s remains was not made until April 7, a week after he had been killed, when Brizzi answered the door wearing only sunglasses and his underpants.

A missing persons search was launched for the Scottish-born officer before the eventual discovery that he was dead.

Brizzi, of the Peabody Estate, in Southwark Street, Bermondsey, has pleaded guilty to obstructing a coroner by disposing of the body, but denies murder.

The trial continues.


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