June 1, 2020

Something is Cracking on Trump's GOP Shield~~Where is the Crack?~~

Something is cracking In Trump's GOP Shield

Did President Trump Board Air Force One with Paper Stuck to His Shoe?

(Story was found at Axios)

President Trump’s mockery of coronavirus masks, his false claims about the dangers of voting by mail and his insinuations that a cable TV nemesis was involved in a murder are testing more high-profile Republicans' willingness to look the other way, managing editor David Nather writes.
  • Why it matters: Republicans learned a long time ago how dangerous it is to alienate Trump’s base — which is why any hint of disagreement, even a whisper, is so remarkable when it happens.
How Trump has pushed the limits:
Masks: Trump refuses to wear them at public events and has even turned them into a symbol of a culture war, accusing one White House reporter of being "politically correct" for wearing one.
  • Reality check: That’s basically a middle finger to public health experts.
Joe Scarborough: The MSNBC host and former GOP congressman has gotten under Trump’s skin by unleashing extended tirades against him every morning — and now Trump has been insinuating on Twitter that Scarborough was involved in the death of a former congressional staffer in 2001.
  • Reality check: The medical examiner ruled the death an accident, and concluded that the former staffer, Lori Klausutis, had a heart condition and died when she fell and hit her head on a desk, per FactCheck.org.
  • She was in Florida; Scarborough was in D.C.
Voting by mail: Trump has been falsely suggesting that voting by mail is a “scam” and will lead to massive voting fraud.
Minneapolis: A Trump tweet warned the Minneapolis protesters that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's statement had a different tone: "[O]ur city, our state, and our country have to pull together." 
  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted that George Floyd's memory should be honored by "rebuilding America into a more perfect union. 
  • Adamfoxie blog:
  • Trump's lates numbers : On a 1500 voter count on Morning Consult are: 
  • Approve 41% to Dsiapprove 54%
  • Other Outfits are showing him from 41% to 46% approval rates and there is no reason that they will get any better because he is not getting better but worse.

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