February 7, 2020

Sorry About The Ads you saw Here from SAGE..Will explain over the weekend

This will be part one of two, as I promised. I will send it to the SAGE Board of Directors and find out who is in charge of policy and events towards our community. I understand as Board of Directors they are not involved in a day to day administration but they are donors and people who keep the place going by obtaining grants and money from people that believe in this concept. This posting appeared on this blog on Thursday 6, 2020 

SAGE and Co-Chairs of Board of Directors:

Mr. Douglas E. Harris and Ms. Elizabeth Schwartz

City Councilman, One That is 100% fighter for the gay community through the work in the government, Corey Johnson.


NYCHA and MHANY, 1 Mtro Tech Center  in Brooklyn, 11th Fl.

Ingersoll c/o St Edwards Place "Stonewall building", (that's how it was for me")

St Edwards Place

Page two coming up Sunday am or Monday am

Many people involved in using the LGBT community while the top of people working on places like on SAGE  or a city agency like NYCHA have no problem getting the best places of the program to find affordable housing to LGBT. Like most things in NYC that are advertised by city agencies or so-called nonprofits living off or in the pockets of the city, agencies turn to be no even a rabbit in the hole.

We know in what condition NYCHA is {broke}. My impression of NYCHA after I read the worse things on the papers is thousands of nincopu, on city payroll who care about nothing but their $20.00 hour or $85K salary.  There is an exception to this but when you see them at work(?) Like I did, that's what you see. I have been told NYCHA is the owner of the land but does not control this SAGE building. The idea behind this was to get gay aging individuals in one place for support of each other. This is been something most cities that have a good size of LGBT have been working on.
Well, they are aging and many are forced back in the closet. So this was the diagnosed condition and the prescription was to get them together to support each other and have them have rents they can pay and don't have to use their social security or retirement benefits for rent and have a very little leftover. It sounds good, too good? Particularly since there were to be services to be provided in the building.

I started with them about a year ago. I will tell you what a nightmare this was. When I publish the story many might not believe it.  Others should wonder what the prescription was for this type of situation not to happen to anyone. If it only happened to me, I will drop it after I'm convinced of that.

 I published this rendering of the building and there it is all a lie! There is no rainbow except a little 6x6  plague to identify all the residents gay (only 50% are supposed to be), a Nice target for a homophobic a neighborhood surrounded by NYCHA buildings which have many times hit the news for the high crimes in the area. This is a high-security building which is great but why? I determined so the residents will stay indoor because outside is not safe. It is not going to go well for certain elderly gay guys in those neighborhoods. When I checked the building out it was because I was called to see and it was a snowstorm, everything looked white and clean then. Not the second time.

I will tell you a story like in a way I don't usually write. I need to get a few names, very few, dates, and facts of meetings, what I was told which culminated on a phone called today in which I was told I was certified and I said, no thanks. I was told by the person in charge of leasing int that building on St Edwards..{MARLA} ("I'm sorry, I want to apologize but it was not my fault! I did not deny you to see me, I was not told you were there. All untrue. I like it when someone apologizes and says but it wasn't me. Damn if you apologized it was you otherwise don't apologize. You could say I am so sorry this happened to you I can make it better or I can't make it better but I feel You. More on page two.


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